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  1. RightoMan

    M4A1-S or M4A4?

    Ah, the old M4 battle. Which one do you guys prefer? I love the feel of the M4A4 to be honest, feels a lot more solid in the hands and the spray is much better than having to tap with the M4A1-S
  2. RightoMan

    Zen 2?

    AMD should be coming out with their ZEn 2 architecture chips within the next year. After the massive success of the original Zen architecture, I'm excited to see if they can meet their promises and looking forward to what they have in store for us.
  3. These two are some of the best open world RPG's released in recent times. Which ones did you guys enjoy the most? I thoroughly enjoyed both, but may have gotten a lot more replay-ability with skyrim but a lot more immersion with Skyrim.
  4. RightoMan

    Whats your rank?

    What is your current rank in CS:GO? I was MG2 but sadly I have stopped playing for a while. Need to get back into it, the last time I played I was placed in GNM though.
  5. How many of you here are borderlands fans? I'm holding out hope that they'll be showing Borderlands 3 at this E3 and a 2019 release! But I'm assuming a 2020 release is more likely since we have no solid information and there have been rumors Borderlands 3 wont reach this E3.
  6. Super excited for the new Smash! This and the upcoming Pokemon game are the reason I'll be buying a switch.
  7. If you like the games it has to offer and can see yourself liking future nintendo release, then by all means go for it, it's a great console.
  8. Whats the NAT type when connected to your Wifi? If it happens with your friends Wifi as well then it may well be a hardware issue.
  9. I think all consoles should be backwards compatible to at least one generation Prior. Especially new consoles wont have a huge list of games to play, so having the ability to play previous games increase the chances of people buying it.
  10. Wow I remember this game back in the day. I wouldn't mind firing it up again after this article.
  11. Henry Cavill! Man of Steel and Man from U.N.C.L.E were some of the best movies I've watched.
  12. Wasn't able to get into it either. I tried a few episodes but it didn't really catch my attention for some reason.
  13. Loved this game too! Unfortunately I wasn't able to get much into it but I did play roughly around 20 hours of it, which was pretty fun.
  14. Bit of an anomaly, but Factorio! It's a bit recent but I've sunk a ton of hours into this games now.
  15. Action comics! Always! Superman fan since the day I was born.
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