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  1. randomer2000

    Hey !

    Hey all! The name is randomer! Am a huge PC Gaming Enthusiast, love everything PC related and own a PS4 for a couple of exclusives as well! Looking forward to mingling with everyone!
  2. I used to be a big fan of GTA online. Used to play a lot even though it came with a lot of lag and loading times. Most of my friends stopped playing and therefore so did I. Would love to get back into it but is there an active community right now?
  3. I'm a big javascript developer, Not a major fan of it, but it's what they use at the firm I work at. There's a huge Atom vs VS Code difference here, pretty much split 50/50. I myself am a fan of VS Code, but what do you guys like (even one thats not Atom or VS Code)
  4. I have the option of both of these cards, they're about the same price where I live. The 1060 has extra RAM, but I've heard the 580 is the better card, so I'm a bit confused as to which card to get.
  5. Mine was Crash bandicoot too! Back on my PS1. Well actually the first video game I played would be some game on the demo disc that came with the PS1, but the first game I can properly remember playing would be Spyro and Crash Bandicoot.
  6. You have to let us know if it a 360 or an Xbone. But it could be a disc reader issue, if you're playing disced games, or even a dust/heat issue. Get your Xbox cleaned and checked by a professional. Is it still under warranty?
  7. If you're into city building, I think it is one of the best options out there, especially with the DLC. I know it is miles ahead of the latest Sims City, which was very poorly received.
  8. Witcher 3 by far has sucked me in the most. Lot's of replayability and gameplay there. The world is so immersive
  9. Portal 2 was absolutely amazing! one of the best Co-op experiences i've had with friends. And the steam workshop lets you have unlimited amount of fun! Although not many new maps come out.
  10. I think the great thing about the switch is that it gives you the option of both! Statistically speaking though most people would use it docked more often than handheld simply because more people have gaming time when they're at home than outside, except for long commuters.
  11. Weren't nintendo doing something with starfox recently? Bringing them into Smash or something? or was it some other related news. I won't say they've necessarily handled it badly, but they have forgotten about it.
  12. Just another cash grab COD in my opinion. Usually the story-line is somewhat impressive, but was let down by WW2. Seemed like a poor attempt at recreating Battlefield 1.
  13. Didn't really bode well with the first stalker, maybe because I was a little late to play it and everything was a little dated. Looking forward to this installation though!
  14. Can't wait for the new game.The competitive smash scene was slowly getting less and less active, this is definitely going to fire up some people and hopefully bring back some old champions.
  15. I used to love playing Megaman back in the day. This and the new pokemon games really make me regret not being able to afford a switch. Hopefully one day I'll be able to play them though.
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