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  1. It's not boring when you are playing with your friends, but if you are playing alone then yes with some games.
  2. It loos awesome, but wtf, look at the pc requirements to play it...
  3. Thank you lol, but I am still a nob, I am improving my aim every day, I just got garry's mod today another game to waste my time! haha
  4. Eduardof

    Hi All

    Welcome to Gamenader, if you have any question about the community feel free to ask an administrator!
  5. Eduardof

    hi everyone

    welcome to gamenader.
  6. I think vcmp is dead, not really sure, it has been a long time since I played it.
  7. Eduardof

    I'm new.

    Welcome to this awesome community perro, enjoy your stay and make sure to read all the forum rules to avoid getting punishments in the future!
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    GameNader Giveaway!

    Good luck everyone, wish you the best luck for this 4th giveaway!
  9. Damn, it has been a long time since I played megaman, omg!
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