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  1. I buying this game later this game cya around.
  2. As far as COD Infinite Warfare and Halo or even more it all depends.
  3. I think its your game maybe your computer, try re-instaliing and un-installing again.
  4. Spoilers---- My favorite part of Han Solo was when Dark Ma appeared In the movie.
  5. I remember going to the Cinemark to watch the movie, that scene is awesome, I feel bad for the doggies.
  6. I like getting trophies throughout game play 😃
  7. Wow that's amazing I want to play that game now, I like the graphics a lot 😃
  8. I say you start playing again your choice but yet again, your maybe bored of the game or you may not be interested.
  9. Just look at the camera and go live that's about it.
  10. awesome, I get excited when a game that I like is released or mention before its release.
  11. They should add that feature to the new PlayStation as is, waste of money if you cant play games on newer systems.
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