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  1. I made some SEO videos but they don't get much views. There's not much incentive to make more videos really. Their loss.
  2. I used to love ExpertThief when he covered GTA. Then I got bored of his trolling and he went too corporate. I prefer ASMR videos these days, especially the TingTing Chinese girl, her videos are woosome.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm MrT and I pity the fool who doesn't game. I've been playing GTA the most. I kind of get obsessed with one game then play it for a year. I did that with the entire Call of Duty series on the PS3 then PS4. I have done pretty much everything there is to do in GTA. I even collected all the UFO parts and the letter parts (including that one on the bridge arch which requires leaping out of a helicopter).
  4. I learnt HTML, then JavaScript. After that ASP, ASP.NET and C#. Again it depends on what you want to do. But PHP and MySQL would be good to get into if you just want to build your own websites. Microsoft tech or Java are good for earning money in the corporate world. I did that for 20 years and it was pretty good money.
  5. Thanks I'll take a look at this. I want to know one thing... I have a dodgy copy of it for the PC, [redacted]? I had a legit copy on the PS4 so everything was fine. But I miss my online character ?. I would love to play the game online again. But I'm in a country where I don't think you can even buy GTA. Message from the Moderator: No discussion of piracy is allowed as per our forum rules, your post has been edited.
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