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  1. Darranjar

    Rate it

    skate illustration
  2. Darranjar

    GameNader Giveaway!

    hmm lost 4th time wow
  3. Darranjar

    Hi all!

    hello welcome to the forum
  4. For Me BF400 Bati 801 Manchez Hackuchou drag Nightblade Sanctus Vortex Akuma FCR 1000
  5. Darranjar

    hi everyone

    hello welcome to the forum
  6. Darranjar

    I'm new.

    welcome to the forum hope you enjoy with us
  7. Darranjar

    GameNader Giveaway!

    hmm 4th but who won 3rd??
  8. All my childhood memories 😱 coming back to life !
  9. Darranjar

    M4A1-S or M4A4?

    m4a1-s is really bad in gun fights when ur both spraying, because it has low dps, u always hit them for 88 damage
  10. anyon know about vice city multiplayer??? vcmp
  11. Skyrim is a very good game, and it is one of my favourites, but the Witcher is the best. For me, the Skyrim has the 2nd place.
  12. Watever happens after death doesn't scare me the only thing that does is how it feels taking that last breath of air and the pain that may come with it .
  13. When a i click on the play button on steam, i can see only bluehole logo, game minimize and crash. Nothing show up, any error or smth like that. I've already updated every drivers??? Message from the Moderator: I have edited your topic's title so that it is clearer what the topic is about. Enjoy your discussion!
  14. when is it the right time to start doing Live? I'm super interested in it cause I love the connection with the audience but I don't have a ton of subscribers yet?
  15. Makes ridiculous ideas not seem so ridiculous because it's animated characters doing it. If they did liveactions for every anime show, like 1% would actually be good and not cringeworthy
  16. Darranjar


    hello welcome to the forum
  17. Road Rash on my uncles ps got me hooked onto gaming.
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