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  1. Darranjar

    GameNader Giveaway!

    hmm lost 4th time wow
  2. Darranjar

    Hi all!

    hello welcome to the forum
  3. Darranjar

    hi everyone

    hello welcome to the forum
  4. Darranjar

    I'm new.

    welcome to the forum hope you enjoy with us
  5. For Me BF400 Bati 801 Manchez Hackuchou drag Nightblade Sanctus Vortex Akuma FCR 1000
  6. Darranjar

    GameNader Giveaway!

    hmm 4th but who won 3rd??
  7. All my childhood memories 😱 coming back to life !
  8. Darranjar

    M4A1-S or M4A4?

    m4a1-s is really bad in gun fights when ur both spraying, because it has low dps, u always hit them for 88 damage
  9. anyon know about vice city multiplayer??? vcmp
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