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  1. when i try send msg to staff show error plz check https://imgur.com/a/LNwf63R
  2. The Assassins Creed franchise are just movies disguised as games so i would go with them.
  3. When a i click on the play button on steam, i can see only bluehole logo, game minimize and crash. Nothing show up, any error or smth like that. I've already updated every drivers??? Message from the Moderator: I have edited your topic's title so that it is clearer what the topic is about. Enjoy your discussion!
  4. You forgot T-Series channel from India 40M Subs
  5. A shadow person is the perception of a patch of shadow as a living, humanoid figure, particularly as interpreted by believers in the paranormal or supernatural as the presence of a spirit or other entity.
  6. I always organise my inventory like this: 1st slot- fast firing weapon 2nd slot- shotgun or any close range weapon 3rd slot-explosives or secondary weapon 4th and 5th slots- healing
  7. SNES games, like Chrono Trigger. I can also recommend Ascendancy, a super old galaxy expansion/domination game. And Conquest: Frontier Wars for a somewhat newer sci-fi game (only newer in comparison to Ascendancy).
  8. Halo Reach, it's the only reason i got a 360, otherwise i would have gone with a PS4 or even a PS3 because they have more games that i like.
  9. I unselected my backround (wich has two layer) then opened up keylight 1.2 then used the dropper tool on the green screen and when I unselected the three layer, i just got a black screen that shows the subject. any help?
  10. i don't have permisson on post to post on multiplayer games board to
  11. i think thats gta 5 just increased the resolution and texture, fps XD
  12. I believe this is the equivalent to what those back in the day felt when we landed on the moon.
  13. windows defender + malwarebytes + common sense = never getting a virus.
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