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  1. since undertale is on switch now i wanna have sans in smash
  2. when i get a switch imma get this first i saw game play but i want to live it myself
  3. i don't think so, it makes a sound and flashes in the air when you are going to someone, its really just based on reaction time and how fast you can build in i certain amount of time
  4. it would be nice if they released a remastered San Andreas and freshen up the controls and graphics. what remaster would you like?
  5. well from what i saw all the block ops maps and weapons would be actually amazing. i imagine it like ffa really.
  6. ww2 was a good game when it released and then i got bored because there is just so little to unlock recent updates really made the game garbo. like they made it to were you can download emblems, then they took that out.
  7. mw2 it was such a great game with the campign the weapons and special ops i would love to play that with my freinds
  8. singleplayer is something great in some of the call of duty games, but seeing how the last couple games went with single player and that horrific ghosts singleplayer i think trying this out is a good idea
  9. both the portal games or any bethesta game
  10. the portal franchise is one of my most favorite franchises in video games its music, story, and characters are just the best.
  11. I want to get a Nintendo switch but idk if its good or not. The games look fantastic and everything but is it worth the money and what game should i play first?
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