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  1. quackeroats

    Rate it

    10/10 your friend did a very good job on this
  2. im so glad they decided to use spyro like this instead of another skylanders game
  3. it looks really cool i just wish it wasn't only on PlayStation
  4. never played it put i wanna it looks really fun
  5. welcome to the forums hope you enjoy your stay
  6. pc is good because it has good graphics and frames and a wider variety of games but that all depends on the computer you have, but with any console the controls are great and the frames and graphics only rely on your internet speed.
  7. when ltms like 50 v 50 and teams of 20 come out or any ltm at all really play those because they can help you get better and also play with friends and drop in more populated areas sometimes cause if you drop at low populated areas them you wont really get to fight so you can get better. also just play and over time you will get better.
  8. i love any old horror movie or any good movie that has good effects on the kills
  9. hi welcome to the forums hope you enjoy it :^)
  10. quackeroats

    I'm new.

    welcome hope you enjoy
  11. In the kingdom of Kettlecornia, a hero named Zebra Mustard IV began his epic journey to discover the secrets of his depressing, yet fulfilling past. Lost memories, due to a mild concussion from falling from his donkey. His trusty companion named, Awimba We Donkimba We is always by his
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