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  1. Sometimes... it depends on the game... most of the lego games i tried to get True Jedi
  2. 988A7B1F-A13E-4E20-ABC2-CCC9B4654FD3.mp4
  3. Sounds and looks like a good game. But the downsides to it make me change my mind on getting it...
  4. Honestly excited for an all boots-on-ground CoD game... finally a break from the flying around and double jumping.
  5. My most played game is probably Garry’s Mod.
  6. I like being able to build enormous cities, and then destroying t with natural disasters.
  7. It was too rage inducing when you aee minding your own business and out of no where a guided rocket comes, and decimates your anus
  8. Im just glad they took it out of the game!
  9. Im honestly still in love with the game... i live the competition of all the players and the working together with other players.
  10. I used to use cheats in Skate 3 that made it so i was playin as Isaac from Dead Space...
  11. I honestly dont have an opinion on which is better... i like he building aspect of Fortnite but i like the Realism of PUBG.
  12. Ive played Far Cry 5 and it is definitely worth the money and time to play! It is very fun to drive around in the Widowmaker...
  13. I feel like singleplayer is just as important as multiplayer because, it gives background to all of the maps in multiplayer... but thats just my opinion.
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