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  1. Since Brasil is alive, I think the will reach the finals, they already won 5 tournaments and since others like Germany or Spain are out, I would choose Brasil as champion, thier 6th cup. Croatia, Japan, Sweden did a great job this time.
  2. I wanted Krystal, but she is an assist trophy already. A lot of people are requesting Waluigi, I think he is just a refill character for sport games, he never appeared in any main game, he has not background, he is an assist trophy, its not even clear if he is Wario brother, hes never mentioned in main games as Wario Land or Wariowere. Since Cloud is in the game they have a deal with Square-Enix and they could a character more representative of Nintendo Final Fantasy games as Terra Branford or even bettr, the iconic Black Mage. They can add another Punch Out! character. Bald Bull is the most famous, also Super Macho Man would be nice, release the... bogus!.
  3. Only if they are funny to get, or if they are obtained while I game normally or if I really like the game . Many of my friends are obsesed on getting all the possible trophies.
  4. It worth, if you have some subscribers they will really appreciate it and you can go viral. Also be sure you have good weather that day, sometimes a storm can cuase internet troubles and losing conection while you are live would be bad for audience.
  5. I think that God of War and Uncharted, and after losing several exclusivities from third parties, I think GoW is the best representative of Sony, Kratos is the PS mascot for me.
  6. I think inst a hard thing to add to consoles, they did it in past consoles and even disbaled later in PS3. At least would be retro compatibility with the last generation and have downlable and buyable older games.
  7. This game took me by surprise, after all this generations they go back to the beggining, maybe they were inspired by Pokémon go! in mobile phones. The game looks incredible, and the Switch will take Pokémon to a new level as never before.
  8. Switch is far of being the ultime console, but its excellent and its price if fair. It has enough power to run incredible games, Zelda feel like a really big game and work perfectly, so I am sure in the future we will have a lot of epic experiences.
  9. I think Smash Bros 4 has good speed and is well balanced, but Wii U was not so popular, now with Switch focused a lot in esports, we will have exciting tornaments.
  10. Supposedly, we do have evidences from peopla that died but revived and saw the other world. Others say they have been visited by spirits of dead relatives. So in theory we know that happen after death. But of course all those things have not scientific proof and we can take it as a fact, even if all those people say is true, maybe is true, but they cant demostrate it.
  11. That is a good channel, it explains thing good and the Metal Gear Solid video is very clear and intersting explaining his reasons.
  12. Very intersting, most channles only talk about gameplay and noraml things, this go beyond, nice channel
  13. Thats normal, google demonetized a lot of adsense site last years becuase they were offering low quality content or spinned content, or repeated content, only those who strive for delivering good stuff are being monetized.
  14. The cool thing about internet is that you consume what you want when you want. SO I search in youtube interesting thins I will never see on TV, specially videogames, in youtube there games specialized channels that review different aspects of gaming, sometimes very deep aspects that you will never see in TV.
  15. Its Led Zeppelin, thoses guys tranporte me to other lands when I listen their music. Too bad the last albums were not so good and that Bonham died and they didnt make more music.
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