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  1. Its Led Zeppelin, thoses guys tranporte me to other lands when I listen their music. Too bad the last albums were not so good and that Bonham died and they didnt make more music.
  2. I think that Gary Oldman is a rel chamaleon, ha has the talent to be anyone, rockstar, vampire, Churchill, Ned Flanders Jim Gordon, Pilates, serial killer, space terrorist, wizard and more. A ver skillful man.
  3. I think is time for a new Super Mario series, I think old Mario series were weird becuase the studio have not comunication with Nintendo and the disign were based in instrucion manuals and ingame sprites. Now there are official artwork, so all character designs and names would be right.
  4. The Lion King, and still is one my favourites, Pumba is so funny.
  5. I watched Olympus has Fallen, its old but is the last movie I watched, its interesting.
  6. I think that first two Resident Evil movies were aceptable and similar to game, but then the next movies were too different and less about survival and more like superhero. The first Mortal Kombat movie was not so bad.
  7. I like most Star Fox games, but as you say Star Fox Command is a good idea, but I dont to play Star Fox with touch screen, isnt the same.
  8. Dr. Mario is the perfect game for mobile phones, if we have a lot of clones, why not the original game? I hope they make it soon. Others like Yoshi's Cookie, Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack, would be a good option.
  9. Docked I prefer in a TV and is more comfortable for me. Just handheld if someone is using the TV
  10. I have been waiting for Metroid Prime continuation, do you remember there is a secret ending in Prime 3? It looks like Sylux ship from Metroid Prime Hunters. I have been waiting that story
  11. Smash Bros new or updated version is always welcome. One thing I would like to see mor options for Mii Fighters, and having more clothes from beggining and more option to customize, I love miis. I am sure besides Splatoon characters we will have ARMs characters nad new Pokémon.
  12. Breath of the Wild won best game award last year, and it deserves it. It pushed Zelda to the limit. Althought I miss some Zelda tropes, like thmatic dungeons and hearts, but the food mechanic is good.
  13. Nice. Nintendo was always offering the best games in handhelds, from Tetris to Pokémon Ultra. Mu favourite is Nintendo DS, I love the Phoenix Wright games and it has a lot of other cool games like The World Ends with You, Mario Kart DS, Proffesor Layon and kmore, also is backward compatible with Gameboy Advance, so more cool games to play.
  14. I dont prefer PC over consoles, I use both. But PC is very customizable and sometimes you can jump to next gen adding a graphic card, instead to buy a full new console, also can add funny mods to games in PC
  15. TheCaptain


    Hello, I am the Captain, I was readin the new of this iste and noticed it has a forum, so why not? I hope I can contribuite the community and have fun.
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