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  1. I really enjoyed "The Irregular at Magic Highschool" Great plot with superior v inferior vibes.. MC doesn't act out, power of a god, proves to everyone he's insanely strong. Underestimated. Tournament. Romance. Shit ton of action. Overall amazing and my favorite.
  2. Yes, because back in junior high, my friends and I caught a voice on a recorder that wasn’t ours asking If we’d “Please Help.” We we’re listening to Good Charlotte and talking. Didn’t hear her ask in real life, only in the recording.
  3. I love to watch Asian Andy, even though his videos make me cringe hard they're funny asf Message from the Moderator: There is already a Topic of similar purpose in the Youtuber's Paradise section of the forums, so please move your discussion there. You can visit the mentioned topic by clicking here.
  4. Mohan

    best horror movie?

    Shrew's Nest, Bedevilled, We Are The Flesh, Kuso, The Treatment, Sleep Tight, The Eyes of my Mother
  5. Ford GT, Mustang Boss 429, GT30R, the new GT500 (safe to assume), 71 Cuda, SLS AMG, RS7...I guess I just really like a lot of cars
  6. for me Euro truck simulator 2. There is something about driving that relaxes me. And driving trucks is a dream for me. So after a long day at work, nothing relaxes me other than a long haul delivery job on ETS 2. Thinking of buying a new steering wheel setup for the complete driving experience.
  7. Twitter so I can stalk people. I don't use Instagram and haven't touched Facebook in forever. and reading your posts.
  8. Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum. I hope to see you around and reading your posts.
  9. Tea. Black Darjeeling FTGFOP in bulk. Charcoal filtered tap water (because of hardness). 3 Minutes. High quality, but relatively cheap, and doesn't need any sugar or milk.
  10. Gardevoir. By Gen III, I was already a fan of Psychic thanks to the Abra family (Alakazam was my favorite for a while). So Wally goes and catches a Ralts. Ok, that's cool, I pretty much ignored Ralts for the rest of the game. Then he suddenly shows up at the end of Victory Road and unleashes this beautiful thing, and it's a Psychic type too. I knew I had to have one of my own.
  11. PC gamers say that their platform is superior because PC has the most exclusives (more than every console combined) and that the flexibility of PC makes it the ideal platform for all gamers.Consoles may be simpler and will never compete power-wise with a high-end battlestation, but they are better for couch gaming. Exclusives are usually what makes a console worth buying. PS4 for little big planet, Xbox for Halo, Switch for Mario.
  12. I think death is like closing a book and starting another. Just that we are a character in the one we just closed.
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