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  1. Kripp is always salty.. watched him earlier and he made legend and was so arrogant it was unbelievable Never toxic.
  2. Ankul

    Saying Hello

    Hello and welcome to gamenader forum. We are glad that you decided to join the community and we look forward to seeing you around the forum.
  3. I picked up Civilization: Revolution when I was 10 years old, while at a friend's house. That game changed who I am as a person.
  4. Well one thing is for sure if small youtubers whant to survive this they need to work together into achieving their goals
  5. The TF2 comics. Although they're on Valve Time, they're funny and create a world about a game that never was intended to have one.
  6. Galaxy S5. I think it took 30 days before it was unusably slow and stuttered constantly. Heated up constantly when doing basically nothing.
  7. I watched Temple of Doom a lot. Had to get a new vhs cause I wore out the first one
  8. Ankul

    Hello Friends

    hello Addison welcome to the forum
  9. Looks great my hat's off to you brother.
  10. Fortnite is better. I've seen my friend play PubG and it was glitchy af. The way he was talking about how doors weren't rendering and made me assume it happens every single time
  11. Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 are amazing, Theme Hospital is pretty fun (and you can get it for free I believe) and Age of Empires is great,
  12. My favorite bands are The Beatles - Probably the most well-known and iconic band of all time, they have a huge catalog spanning a wide variety of genres and sounds. My favorite songs by them are Hey Jude and In My Life, but they've got plenty of others.
  13. Last night I found another Easter egg it is showing at the Los Santos International Airport in GTA V show me the release date of GTA V close to it shows 2021 kind of close to so I think that's GTA 6 release date
  14. What do you think about streaming with out a face cam? I have everything ready to go but I don't have a camera yet. Do you think I should wait or just start and one day when I get one do a face reveal?
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