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  1. Java developer here. I use IntelliJ. I used atom in the past but it can get too slow when working with larger files. Plus it is a memory hog. It's build with elektron. I use VS Code daily as well for scripts, writing notes etc.
  2. Game controllers were about $40 The particle board was about $10 Raspberry Pi was about $40. Can of black paint: $3 Old monitor- free So total cost around $95
  3. ebay Thanks! When did I decide? Hmmm almost a year ago. This is more of a bar-top-cade. It;s meant to sit on the bar. Ha! They are missing. I still need to buy them a put them on top of box in that empty space. Thanks!
  4. Rate my build. It took me 2 days to cut it and 2 days to connect everything. It's running raspberry pi.
  5. It depends. What is your goal? Android? IOS? WebApplications? Desktop?
  6. Can you post a code snippet where you use that method call? In general you are probably not returning a value inside your getNumWheels method.
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