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  1. iv never had the water problem, as for the entrance if you plan it out well it dosnt back up.
  2. had problems with traffic backing up forever at the arcology great works and making it useless. The trains went back and forth, but people never seemed to use trains to get around a city.
  3. Regional highway traffic problems and trains not really working are what I remember as being broken. I still much prefer it over skylines though.
  4. SimCity is still horribly broken, are you kidding? Unless there's been new updates in the last year, but as far as I know they stopped updating it long before I stopped playing and it was still very broken.
  5. Cities Skylines isn't broken like SimCity, but it's basically a giant sandbox and ultimately ends up feeling like a giant traffic management system. It's hella fun, but it doesn't feel like as much of a game. It feels more creativity based.
  6. Btw which mobile you're using ?
  7. Have 4 games going. I wish their was an elo or ranking system of some kind
  8. Roll for the galaxy. Plays in 25 minutes at 2 and is meaty and funCounting apps it'd be star realms but race is on the rise
  9. The problem is you can't necessarily expect a noticeable improvement after just 1 month, these things take time. I have actually seen the most improvement after the 90 days. Another thing I don't know what you did in those 30 days but you can't quit gaming and expect things to suddenly change you have to put in effort with new hobbies and push yourself. For example I could just watch more TV after quitting gaming and after 30 days I would say that I don't notice much of a difference. What did you do in those 30 days instead of gaming out of interest? And good luck if you do decide to commit to the 90 days again.
  10. I don't get any pleasure from it... at all. But I'm still compelled to do it. I made a post about it on this account on the darksouls subreddit if you want to see more of my perspective.
  11. Cheating? You tell me if it's cheating. It feels like cheating.In Dark Souls, I have a soul level 16 character whom I have perfectly twinked. I played through the game, got a powerful weapon and armor, which I upgraded to max levels. I then use this character to invade in the Undead Parish.
  12. I'm having trouble finding a section with only table legs but here's one. You can just search table legs or desk legs on Ikea and you should be able to find a few different types. Just make sure the leg height matches the drawer height so the table is level.
  13. Do you have a link you can send me for the legs,
  14. Ok cool and one more question, If I was to buy only one alex drawer, on the ikdea website it shows some legs on the countertop, do I have to buy those seperately or no?
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