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  1. Nexus 6P. for screen, front speakers, camera and build quality!
  2. Where is assassin's Creed & mafia 3 true realistic graphics game
  3. If you like this movie I recommend "Treasure of the Sierra Madre", "The Maltese Falcon", and "The Big Sleep" also starring Bogart.
  4. Search music just the word music and they have i think wait wait wait youll see
  5. Welcome to forum, enjoy your stay. See you around the forums buddy.
  6. I just bought the game of the year edition when it went on sale about two weeks ago, and I see so much hype over fortnite and PUBG but never see anyone talking about overwatch, I suppose I am a little late to the party but does anyone else still play this game?
  7. The Dark Cloud series was really well done. It had a lot of replayability thanks to their random map generation, interesting story lines, and weapons system.
  8. Resident evil 7 without a doubt scariest for me. Also loved evil within
  9. It’s rare that I see ghost videos on YT I haven’t seen before. Thanks.
  10. Facebook - written ads Instagram - visual ads You can collaborate with influencers to boost your business. I suggest Phlanx as a marketing platform
  11. Only windows defender. Small, clean, non invasive.
  12. I have a strategy that will get you into top 25. It’s called getting a gun and hiding. That’s it. Just hide. Let people pick each other off
  13. Thanks my friend hope we make great gameing community
  14. about mine Because i have no creativity and i just got an inspiration from the last youtuber i watched at that moment, pretty cool story right?
  15. I was always into hockey so I watch NHL when I can. I live in Europe so its kinda difficult for me as they play at bad time for me. GO KINS GO!
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