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  1. my friend share the link on FB. At first, I did not have interest. But after hearing good reviews. Here I am.
  2. Panic! At The Disco They became a thing when I was in middle school, and through all the changes I have always loved them.
  3. currently have a athalon cpu and a am1 motherboard. I am on a budget so I want to upgrade to a fx 6300 and a new mother board. I also want to do this without reinstalling windows 10 is there any way to do this?
  4. 5, but two are telltale games so they don't count, the other is HZD.
  5. I try to build but every time I try to build on like uneven ground nothing works correctly ... I've gotten so many top 5s but no win and it's frustrating
  6. Awesome on so many levels.
  7. Welcome to The Forum
  8. I live in the United States, specifically in the state of Texas. Even though Texas should be a country of its own
  9. They won cause they had good guns and alot of traps
  10. I personally believe in ghosts due to my own personal experience.
  11. The circle of life. We are born, we die, our bodies are absorbed in to the universe, we fuel new life, and so on.
  12. cheaters/hackers should all DIAF. I have never and will never cheat when competing against others. I wish I could offer up an explanation or two for why people cheat, but I just don't get it. I am horribly bad at FPS games, so I just don't play them. Cheating would not be satisfying or fun for me at all.
  13. Game looks fun af to play but at the same time it looks too smiklar to wildlands still cool af game
  14. what about add friendship request mod it would be useful to get a popup window notifying us when someone ask for a friendship...
  15. In my perspective a service or a things that you wanted to advertise, Facebook would be your best choice but if it was a software or online game, Instagram is the way to go.
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