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  1. Well, I'll have quite a while to think about which one I want to get. We'll see, this is a decision I will have time to think about. I might even buy some games before the actual console, if I find deals that I don't want to pass up.
  2. @Kejanu: Why do I "need" the X? I don't care so much about graphics, though the extra processing power sounds nice. It can't play any new games that the others can't, right? Is the XBox One S different than the old XBox One? I notice I don't see the original around as much, so I guess the S replaced it? The thing is money. I just can't justify the extra $300. I am open to buying an XBO with more storage space than 500GB though, especially if I go all digital. It'll be odd coming back to the system, it will probably have been 3 full years since I last used the One by the time I get a new one. I hope the new UI has improved since the days of 'Snap' functionality, lol.
  3. Had an XBox One several years ago. Thinking of getting one again later in the year. Wondering what all has happened on the XBox front since about mid-2015. Lots of games worth playing since then? What are people playing now? Any changes to the UI or hardware or anything like that? I know there's now an XBox One S and XBox One X, but still have no idea how different they are from the original. Not really considering the X since it's crazy $$$, but wondering what everyone here would recommend. Any costs I might need to consider besides LIVE? And is Games With Gold any good lately? Been thinking about if I want to try going all-digital, or stick to buying physical copies when I can. It seems like I can get physical copies of games cheaper than what they want on the store, and some even come with bonus games. Prices on old games are pretty reasonable too, compared to some of the competition. There's quite a few games I missed out on that I'd like to play, and some I had downloaded that I would like to play again. Two games I am really looking forward to are Cuphead and the upcoming Crackdown 3. I would love to play some older 360 games that are BC also, like Toy Soldiers, but wonder if I would have to pay for them again to play on One? Well... What's new on the XBox front these days?
  4. @Maxamu: I'm not from America, I'm Australian so I'm not too familiar with how your economy is going and what people are willing to pay for an older last gen console. But I stand but what I said, I bet you can get a few hundred dollars for it. Also sell the Kinect with the Xbox console (I doubt you'd get more then $20 for it on it's own).
  5. $100-$150 if you're lucky. Also depends where you're located in the world as prices vary.... you'd probably be better off selling everything individually and on eBay.
  6. Welcome aboard and like BassMan said no need to completely shove off consoles to enjoy another platform
  7. malwarebytes, Avira, and common sense
  8. Go to Sweden and ask them to make you furniture, or Ikea, whichever is more convenient.
  9. @Melissa Stephen: Too colorful?...lul. Here ya go... http://store.steampowered.com/app/263560/Paper_Sorcerer/
  10. Is the dude alright? Should we start a GoFundMe for his medical bills?
  11. They definitly look better because of HDMI output. Skyward Sword is still a jaggy hell, but the text is readable now
  12. I really liked that tennis game that EA brought out on the Wii, that required the motion controller plus thing. Tracked your movements really well. Was a late release..came out during the end of the systems life cycle
  13. Choice is key My co host literally said that to me last night during recording
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