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  1. @Maxamu: Its a shame. RF4 was amazing, and I cannot stop playing it!!! I have to say I am disappointed with the recent Harvest Moon games. I am not a fan of that Minecraft-ish style of play, unless I am playing Minecraft. I really miss the older Harvest Moon games. Well I will keep watching the updates, and hopefully RF5 will be in the making.
  2. So I just played Rune Factory 4, and it is awesome. I was hoping there would be a 5th one, but it looks like the company went bankrupt? I heard that they were bought out, and there is a possibility for a 5th one. I hope so, I LOVED the 4th one.
  3. yo! welcome to the switch family! how about accessories. having an extra dock on another tv is great for easily switch the tv you want to use or a pro controller. it feels better for some games. games? i switched from call of duty to splatoon. a great innovative shooter. ARMS is very competetive . might want to check it out xenoblade chronicles 2 is a great wonderful RPG mario rabbids kingdom battle. you like mario? well now he is in a SRPG tactical game. i loved it. kirby star allies. kirby finally in HD. wonderful for multiplayer with the friends or family.
  4. You'll definitely want to go wired if you can. Makes a pretty big difference and reduces latency and keeps your connection faster. I'd say anything above 5 mbps is good enough, but you could probably get by with less so long as you're wired up.
  5. @Kejanu: 1. Godzilla 2. Megadimension Neptunia VII 3. Infamous Second Son
  6. Well You Really can Play Some Awesome Games on the Xbox 360. I Always have loved it.
  7. I have a Xbox 360 with a 250 GB Hard Drive and with 41 Downloaded Games on it with 1 controller...How much would that cost??
  8. So, it's come to the time where I typically renew my AVG subscription. I've never had any issues with it, but still I got curious as to what other people here are using to keep there PC's safe from Virus and other issues, and to see if anyone recommends a better one than AVG.
  9. Easy folks. The guy is asking an honest question and is interested in a gaming desk. Let's try to be helpful and supportive.
  10. I think your problem is variety. I love RPGs too, but I can get put off by the endless grind. Try stuff that is out of your comfort zone, platformers, adventure games, strategy games. There's probably too many to list seeing as how games that are a few years old age well on PC, but just browse reviews, online sales, try out Steam's discovery queue.
  11. Over the top, but it reminded me of all the things I loved about E3 that has changed over time.
  12. What? The Wii U doesn't upscale the Wii games, not according to Nintendo themselves (below) or any of my tests. I've been using component video cables since the Gamecube generation. The difference isn't going to be there for someone that has been HD since the GC generation...of course, if you were playing Gamecube and Wii with regular composite cables and then play those Wii games on a Wii U connected to an HDTV, you'll see a difference. I didn't though, because I was already HD since the Gamecube era. Even if you play on a shitty HDTV and move to a good HDTV, you can see differences....but the differences aren't because of the Wii U, it's the HDTV itself. Here's three quotes from Nintendo (Reggie Fils-Aime, Mark Franklin, and other Nintendo Reps) themselves on the matter: Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Will Not Make Wii Games Sharper http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2012/01/nintendo_reconfirms_wii_u_will_not_make_wii_games_sharper
  13. They look the same. It doesn't do anything. The Wii U essentially becomes a Wii. I was using 1080p HDTV's before the 2006 Wii existed. I had component video cables for the Gamecube era. If you never had progressive scan enabled on Wii, then the Wii games will look nicer but that's due to the TV and not the Wii U as the Wii could have done the same had you bought better cables. BTW: I am not sure why you made a distinction between disc and digital since the data and games would be the same.
  14. loved Mario Tennis on GameCube so I'm fine with regular controls, but I'd definitely try the motion controls out if they'd add that.
  15. I have a backlog on the PS3 which I'm meaning to get through but I also have a tonne to play on the PS4. Woe is me
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