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  1. I was super aggressive i was in the skyscraper in fortnite a person shot me and he was in front of me i use the pump and headshot him with a quick jump shot
  2. Welcome intoxnitram to gamenader forum I am glad to meet you on this great marketing forum and hope to see you around.
  3. The early 3D FPS games before I had a graphics card were creepy AF because you couldn't adjust the brightness. Quake was creepy. But to this day the scariest game to play is Bioshock at night with the lights out and the volume on surround cranked up.
  4. keng

    Hi everybody

    Welcome to the forums, we look forward to your contributions.
  5. Mac for me for now, I might switch if the new MacBook Pro is as bad as it sounds when my current pro needs an upgrade. Most open source software seems to support Linux and mac first hand then Windows
  6. MalwareBytes every once in a blue moon and commonsense.jpg. Windows Defender just kinda runs in the background anyway so I guess that counts.
  7. everytime i turn on my ps4 the picture keeps blinking a black screen, once its finally done blinking ( half hour later) i have static all over the screen. the picture is there but its behind all this static. this all started after the last update. is there any solutions because i have tried everything but still no luck. please help....i need your knowledge.
  8. I'm using a Phanteks Enthoo Pro M case and the top USB port is not working. I tried unplugging and replugging the cables, but still no luck. Do you think it's dead? Any suggestions?
  9. Age of Empires 2 and/or Diablo 2 (Expansion Pack versions of course)
  10. start affiliate marketing for gain more members for gamenader forum what do you think guy?
  11. I used to use a hack in gta san andreas that allowed me to see the entire map all the time. This was online too. Used a lot of hacks on the gta vcmp , but that’s one player so who cares.
  12. wish I had a beast computer to be able to run the game like this...and even the game normally..
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