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  1. In most of the Wild West-themed movies, shows and games out there, the Native Americans are being portrayed as the main antagonists and troublemakers against whom, the hero protagonist – usually a gun slinging cowboy, a brave US Marshal or a trigger-happy Sheriff need to go up against. Rarely was there ever a genuine opportunity for us to see the other side of the coin, and experience what it was like being a Native American and dealing with all the hardships that came with the arrival of the new settlers and rapid industrialization of their native lands. This gap in the genre was recognized by the Game Labs, the creators of the widely successful Ultimate General series, who began working on a game where players will be put in the shoes of a Native American tribesman in his fight against the Westerners. The working title of the game is This Land is My Land, a name which is meant as a pun to the famous 1940’s folk song This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie, a song that talks about American lands which range “from California to New York Island”. This Land is My Land will be an open world game with combat focusing on stealth rather than on gun-blazing action. This is of no surprise as Native Americans were, in the beginning of the conflict, heavily underpowered in terms of modern weaponry and had to rely on their traditional armament such as the legendary Tomahawks, bows, arrows and atlatls in order to fend off the incoming Westerners. Besides in combat, stealth will also be used for completing objectives as developers stated that every mission will have multiple approaches, so it will be up to players to decide if they want to be violent or non-violent in their playthrough. Stealth will be an important part of the gameplay. The approach the players take will also have an effect on enemy AI as well as the world around them. Namely, developers said that the game mechanics ''will treat you [the player] as an intelligent adult who can make smart decisions to overcome our cooperative AI, that intelligently reacts to threats and changing surroundings'' meaning that the game world will be hostile from the very beginning and in-game characters will adapt in response to our actions. On top of that, every time we restart the game the world is going to change, with cities expanding and shrinking, camps being moved around and patrols taking different routes making every playthrough unique. Judging by the released screenshots, players will also get to traverse the vast open terrains of the American Mid-West by riding horses, which will without a doubt be an enjoyable experience with all the picturesque forests and mountains laying about. Scenery in This Land is My Land looks wonderful! As of right now, there is unfortunately no more information available on This Land is My Land. Game Labs still hasn’t given an estimated release date, nor any gameplay videos, however the screenshots posted so far all look incredible, with wonderful scenery and very detailed characters, as such i am very eager to see what will the developers further come up with, and I sincerely hope that we will get more info on this wonderful game soon. You can view the additional screenshots on the This Land is My Land official website.
  2. During the E3 conference, Square Enix, the publisher and developer of some of the famous game franchises such as the Final Fantasy, the Tomb Raider and the Hitman, showcased a trailer for their upcoming game titled The Quite Man. The trailer immediately attracted lots of attention as it was an interesting mix of both live-actions shots, as well as in-game footage. On top of that, the trailer was also rather weird as it featured a guy confronting some fellas who were just sitting in an alley, casually drinking and telling him to get lost as they didn’t want the ''chow'' he was carrying in a paper bag. From there, things got more confusing as the dude just goes crazy and beats up all of them, and even ends up putting the said paper bag on one of the guy’s faces while he is just lying on the ground unconscious. Nothing more was said after the trailer was released, except that more info on the game will be available in August, so naturally, people started speculating as to what was the trailer actually about. My initial theory was that we will get to assume the role of a disgruntled food delivery guy who had to go out in the middle of a night in an attempt to make a delivery, only to discover that he has been pranked called, so in order to vent his anger, he goes ballistic on the three drunks who gave him a dirty look and refused his undelivered food. Despite the awesomeness of my theory, it turns out that the story is much deeper than that, as the latest letter from the producer, which you can read below, confirms it. And for those with bad vision, such as myself, here is a typed out version: ““Words” are truly amazing. They possess the power even to change the world. This is undeniable. For me personally, words are as precious as they are valuable. That said, I believe we as humans are capable of connections that transcend words—for example, an infant need only to look into his mother’s eyes to know he is safe and loved. And in a world that overflows with cascades of words taken for granted, I can’t help but think it’s often difficult to realize such connections exist. Words shape consciousness; indeed, some even say that “words are life.” But what if we were to cast aside such a life? What if somehow, we were able to understand one another through connections formed heart to heart, soul to soul, and could once again look into one another’s eyes and form a bond so pure? This concept lies at the core of The Quiet Man. Feelings that remain after words are abandoned, feelings that can be conveyed even without words—aren’t these the feelings that are truly important in this life?" Yes, so I guess my theory about the angry delivery driver holds no merit, but nevertheless this letter made me rewatch the original trailer more carefully and notice some things that I’ve missed the first time around. Namely, at 0:29 of the video, just as the hobos refuse the guy’s chow, we can see him pointing at his ear and gesticulating that he doesn’t hear them, implying that he is deaf or maybe even mute, meaning that he is probably the Quiet Man. Also, at 0:42, just prior to the confrontation and the trailers' transition from live-action to CGI, we can see a man lying on the ground behind the Quite Man, which can possibly mean that that man was attacked by the three drunk guys and that Quite Man is simply avenging him. Although this does shine a bit more light on the game, there are still many unanswered questions making this the most enigmatic trailer of the E3, after Kojima’s Death Stranding of course. Nevertheless, the trailer does look promising and with the producer’s letter out, it is safe to assume that there will be some philosophical or pseudoscience background to the story which makes everything that more interesting. My only worry as of right now is that mixing of live-action sequences does not turn The Quite Man into an atrocity such as The Quantum Break which, for those unfamiliar with the latter, forces players to watch 15 minute live-action videos in between levels in order to prolong the storyline. Lastly, we just have to wait until August to get more information on The Quite Man, but until then we can all enjoy the trailer and read up on theories and speculations about the it and the game which arise almost daily. You can see the trailer for the upcoming The Quiet Man below.
  3. Woah, that monster reminds me of the one from The Stranger Things. Thanks for the tip, i will definitely check it out!
  4. VAR is helpful but there is no consistency on how it is used, that's my point. For example, in the Serbia - Swiss game, there was an obvious penalty and the ref refused to look at VAR despite being warned from the VAR room, same for Croatia when they were denied a red card against Denmark after their player was fouled in front of an empty goal. Both of those situations could have affected the outcome of the match, but were ignored because refs look bad if they doubt their initial decisions. They need to incorporate something similar to Challenges in tennis, and allow both teams to ask for VAR review one or two times per match. This would get rid of sketchy situations, give equal treatment to everyone and reduce the dependency on refs discretion in using VAR.
  5. I think that the tournament has been pretty fun so far. Lots of goals and exciting matches, especially in the last two days with all the penalty shootouts, but i honestly can't stand what they are doing with VAR. Its use has been so subjective that its is getting ridiculous, there are no clear guidelines on when it should be used so i feel like that many times, referees just refuse to look at it as it would be as though they are doubting themselves. I was also pretty bummed that Italy didn't qualify, but Colombia has been a nice surprise, as well as Japan.
  6. This year is exactly 20 years since Resident Evil 2 debuted on the original Play Station. At the time, it was one of the best-looking games out there, with graphics, animations and sounds that gave nightmares to adults, let alone to a pre-pubescent teen such as myself. Playing Resident Evil 2 today can still be fun as it brings back nostalgic memories such as, in my case, many sleepless nights that I spend completely covered with sheets as I was too scared of looking at the ceiling out of fear that a licker might look back at me, however, despite the nostalgia we must all admit that Resident Evil 2 has aged really badly, both in terms of graphics and in terms of gameplay mechanics. As such, I was pleasantly surprised when at E3, Capcom revealed the first gameplay video of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake, due in 2019. Left: Resident Evil 2 (1998) vs. Right: Resident Evil 2 Remake (due: 2019) - Need I say more? During their presentation, Capcom staff revealed some details about the remake, and if they stay true to their words, Resident Evil 2 has a great chance to become a new standard for how remakes should be done. Namely, Resident Evil 2 is going to be remade completely in the latest RE Engine which was used in their latest installment – Resident Evil 7, meaning that the game won’t be simply infused with higher resolution textures like most other remakes out there. New engine will permit for higher resolution, 4K graphics, as well as higher FPS rates making the gameplay smoother and more visually appealing. Besides, making the game from scratch also allows for fixing of old and implementation of new mechanics, some of which Capcom has already disclosed. One of the biggest differences is probably going to be the change in camera for which the Resident Evil franchise was famous for, so instead of having that fixed corner camera, also called rodent POV in some circles, we will get the modern over-the-shoulder camera. Forfeiting the old POV will tremendously improve the characters’ aiming as well as give an opportunity to get rid of the horrible tank controls which have plagued the series up until the Resident Evil 4. With improved controls, camera angles and graphics, developers also promised a change in environment and atmosphere. Although all the locations, such as the Raccoon City Police Station, the Gun shop and others, will be present, they will all be enhanced with new areas, monsters and visuals as developers wanted to improve on the horror and lessen the action and shooting sequences. Like so, we can expect the gameplay to be similar to Resident Evil 7, with ammo being scarce and players having to ration its use and evade unnecessary encounters. Developers also promised that the zapping system will also be removed for the game’s remake. This means that players won’t have to switch in between Leon and Claire in the middle of the game, and debate which weapons to keep and which to give up. Instead, Claire Redfield will get an entirely separate campaign that will, presumably, tie in to the Leon’s and maybe even be prolonged. Nevertheless, two campaigns mean more playtime, and with original Resident Evil 2 taking about 8 hours to complete, the new one will offer at least 12 which is longer that most modern single player campaigns offer nowadays. These two are going to get individual campaigns, so no more switching in the middle of playtrough. All in all, everything that has been released so far points that Capcom is taking Resident Evil 2 in the right direction. They have a strong base, an excellent story and a superb engine for which they are experienced, there by meeting all the prerequisites needed for a good game, or in this case, a remake. I just hope that along the way no problems will arise and we won’t end up with some monstrosities such as the Operation Racoon City or the Ubrella Corps. Resident Evil 2 Remake is due in 2019 and below you can check out the first gameplay video.
  7. Back in April, we covered the release of the first trailer for the upcoming Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass, which featured the game’s main protagonist Sam, casually riding his bike through a sunny forest, gunning down a headless kamikaze and disappearing into a wave of oncoming enemies. As the hype around the upcoming sequel grew, the developers over at Croteam kept silent and patiently waited for E3 before revealing more details. Although the E3 screening was behind closed doors, we did get some info and a few screenshots afterwards, with a very rough pre-alpha gameplay footage appearing online just a few days ago. Judging from the released videos, official announcements and sprawling rumors, its seems that big changes are coming to Serious Sam franchise, with some even having a potential to become revolutionary. First of all, the trailer and the pre-alpha footage both show large number of enemies congregating on a small area and attacking Sam, and while this is nothing new for the franchise, as every previous iteration had dozens of enemies running at you from all sides, some sources suggest that this time around, the developers are aiming at having tens of thousands of enemies appearing at once. Seeing how developers have been making a new engine for Serious Sam 4, this might very well be true as it is very doubtful that current Serious Engine can handle such a large amount of characters at once. If Croteam does succeed and manages to implement so many NPCs in one area, this will undoubtedly put to shame many bigger open world games. Left: Groups of enemies as seen in the Trailer, Right: Groups of enemies as seen in the Pre-Alpha Footage With so many NPCs potentially chasing after Sam, it is expected that a large sprawling map will also be included in the latest sequel. Developers suggested that the map will be 128 square kilometers and that players will be allowed to explore every corner of it. Although the game will keep its linearity and will not be open world, it is safe to assume that such a big map will probably be divided into smaller areas which can be visited as players progress with the story. Smaller sections will allow developers to experiment with different environments and map layouts thus making the levels more diverse and interesting which is going to be of crucial importance considering that large maps can often get boring and repetitive. In order to further eliminate this potential downside, Croteam also promised a new coop mode to be implemented in the final release. Unlike previous parts, coop mode in Serious Sam 4 will feature up to 16 players which can jointly take on the hordes of evil Mentals. This means that some old friends of Sam’s, such as Rodriguez, Hellfire, Jones and others, might make a return as the upcoming sequel will probably take place prior to their deaths and the Earth’s destruction in the Serious Sam 3: BFE. Implementation of the coop mode is a big plus and is sure to make exploration of the huge map and fighting tens of thousands of enemies more fun and engaging. Serious Sam 4 will also feature vehicles which players can use for both traversing the map as well as combat. Besides the motorcycle we see in the trailer, Serious Sam 4 will supposedly also have a bulletproof popemobile, along with a combine which appeared in the pre-alpha gameplay footage and which Sam uses to mow down enemies in front of him. Screenshots of the combine that the players will get to drive around. Considering everything mentioned above, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass is shaping to become another exceptionally fun game just like all the previous franchise iterations (except the PalmOS version of course). With the promise of a large map, more enemies, diverse vehicles and coop play, Croteam did set the bar high, however knowing their reputation of delivering on what’s promised, there is really no need to worry for the future of Serious Sam 4 and the franchise in general. As such, do not be put off by the rough pre-alpha footage, as it will definitely get better, and it won't be long before we will all get to experience what’s it like being chased by tens of thousands of headless screaming kamikazes. You can see the trailer, as well as the pre-alpha footage of the upcoming Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass below.
  8. Thanks for your suggestion, we will take it into consideration! The forum and the site itself are very young, so we are still tailoring many of the features and looks but we do appreciate any comment we get!
  9. As stated before, the posts need to be of HIGH QUALITY, so posting generic, random replies in order to pass the required threshold will not be tolerated anymore, and will lead to disqualification from the raffle, moderation of you future posts and/or forum ban. Good luck!
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  11. Family, friends and partners - we all have them, we all love them and we can’t do without them, but sometimes it isn’t exactly easy to do with them either. Especially when that “sometimes” is the designated video game time. I’ve had many instances in which my need for gaming caused me to be bugged by my family for not attending joint Sunday lunches, or get patronized by my wonderful girlfriend for not spending more of my free time with her, so in order to evade future incidents I started to compromise. As making compromises is (unfortunately) a daily part of being an adult social creature, I decided to mix the best of both and spend my free time with my loved ones by playing coop games. This way my family, friends and girlfriend get their daily dose of my wonderful-self, while I get my gaming fix without being nagged later on. This is how I discovered the Trine Trilogy, a series of side-scrolling adventure games that feature some amazing fantasy environment and exciting puzzles that can be played in a local Coop. Trine was developed by the Finnish Frozenbyte and published by Nobilis. The first part of the series was released back in 2009, with the Trine 2 coming out in 2011 and Trine 3: Artifacts of Power appearing in 2015. In between the last two parts, there was also a remake of the original, titled Trine: Enhanced Edition which was released in 2014. The plot of all three Trine games (we do not count the remake of the first as only the graphics were improved, while the story stayed the same) follows the adventures of three playable protagonists, Zoya the Thief, Amadeus the Wizard and Pontius the Knight. The first game starts out in a ruined kingdom which is under the invasion of undead forces. The kingdom is home to the Astral Academy, a place where wizards and mages study the powers of magic and mysterious artifacts. Due to the war, the Academy is in disarray and mostly abandoned, which thief Zoya uses as an opportunity to break into, in hopes of stealing valuable treasures. At the same time, the clumsy wizard Amadeus wakes up from his long sleep which came as a side effect of a fireball spell gone wrong. Having slept through the invasion and the abandonment of the Academy, Amadeus wanders the hallways in confusion until he meets Pontius the knight. The brave knight took up arms in order to protect his kingdom and the academy, but was a little late to the party, as his big frame and huge stomach made him slow. From there the two proceed to the treasure vault where they discover Zoya stealing one of the artifacts. In an attempt to stop her, all three grab a hold of Trine, an artifact which binds the souls of persons that touch it. The trio disappears and spawns inside a tomb of the artifacts’ original guardian where they read a stone inscription saying that their souls are now bound and that they cannot exists without each other. The inscription further says that the only way to unbound is to recover the other two Trine artifacts which were stolen and corrupt by evil, thus causing the rise of the undead army which has taken over the kingdom. From there the trio sets out on an epic adventure in order to return the missing artifacts, restore the order to the kingdom and liberate their souls. From left to right: Amadeus the Wizard, Zoya the Thief and Pontius the Knight For Trine 2 and Trine 3, I cannot say much regarding the plots, as the sequels are somewhat interconnected and I’d hate to spoil it for you, however I will say that Trine 2 features Goblin enemies and some crazy-looking Goblin War Machinery, while Trine 3 takes our heroes to exotic destinations in a fight against rock monsters and Spriggan-looking creatures. In regard to gameplay, in all three parts, the player(s) are able to control any of the mentioned characters from the very start. As the game features three protagonists, up to three players can join the coop and play simultaneously on one screen. There is also an optional selection, where one character can be used by more than one player, however, this play-style can be challenging as every character has a unique set of skills which are used to overcome obstacles, defeat enemies and solve puzzles. As such, the wizard can create levitating boxes, planks and pyramids which serve as platforms to reach high places and overcome deep holes, lava pits and acid rivers. Wizard can also use his levitating spells to hilariously pick up enemies, swing them in the air, throw them on the traps and even set them up for thief’s or knight’s attacks. Wizard’s spells come in very handy when combined with Zoya’s abilities. The thief is highly maneuverable and is able to jump off wizard’s platforms and boxes with relative ease. She is also able to use her grappling hook to latch onto levitating pyramids and swing from them. The bow and arrow are her primary weapons which she uses to attack enemies and shoot off ropes and switches and/or set off traps. Thief also features an optional upgrade where she can shoot fire arrows or activate an invisibility mode so she can sneak past enemies. Knight Pontius is on the other hand, a character used for heavy melee attacks and protection of the group. He is the least maneuverable character due to his size, but he is able to operate heavy switches with ease as well as use his weight to balance planks. His sword is his main weapon for close attack, but he also has an unlockable Warhammer which can be thrown around. Pontius also handles a shield whose purpose is to protect the group and hold off enemy waves. The shield can also be used for bashing and running through a group of enemies, as well as gliding massive Pontius from a higher platform to the lower without risking fall damage. All these and many more abilities are unlockable trough gaining experience points and collecting treasures. Trine and Trine 2 Skill Trees and Inventory - Notice the Hilarious Monster Levitation Skill on the right Graphic-wise, all three Trine games are absolutely beautiful. The environment is very fantasy-like with colors that fit perfectly with the level design and scenery. The fact that some of the levels feature puzzles that require the use of environment (such as, turning the plant leaves to control the flow of water and apply pressure to a switch) are an excellent touch, as they further emphasize the great graphic of the game. Music and sounds are also a strong suit of the series. The mystic medieval music combined with an excellent narrator immerses the players into the world of Trine, making the series feel not just like video game, but also like a graphical novel. All three Trine sequels are visually stunning! Now please note, that I give my highest recommendation for the first two parts of the series, Trine and Trine 2. They both have interesting storylines, great controls and mechanics, and they both feature 2.5D environment. The third installment, Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is not a game I would recommend. This part is the first to feature full 3D graphics, and although they are beautiful, the game is very watered down. Unlike the first two parts, this one features no upgrades and skill trees, the controls are very clunky and rage inducing, and story is cut very short as the development team ran out of money due to bad budgeting and “overlooking the fact that 3D games cost more”. As such, I wholeheartedly suggest everyone to try out Trine and Trine 2, especially if you like puzzles and platformers and are looking for a great Coop experience you can enjoy with your loved ones. On the other hand, it pains me to say so, but Trine 3 is not worthy of your time as it completely ruined the series and caused it to go on an indefinite hold. Trine: Enchanted Edition and Trine 2 currently hold Overwhelmingly Positive Ratings on Steam, while Trine 3: Artifacts of Power has Mixed reviews. They are sold separately or as a bundle which is currently on sale and available on Steam for 42.72 USD. Play the first two Trine parts, you won't be disappointed!
  12. Few days ago, I was cleaning up my basement when I found a box with some old stuff of mine. Besides the endless supply of boot-cut jeans and cargo pants, which were ohhh-so fashionable during the 2000s, I also came across some old CDs and DVDs that I completely forgot about throughout the years. While some were pirated, others were legit, with many still being in their original boxes. To my surprise, one of the discovered boxes was that of Delta Force Trilogy, the series i used to love as a kid, and one of the first multiplayer shooters I ever played. Old-school gamers are probably going to remember the Delta Force franchise, but for younger ones, it might be a complete unknown. The series was developed by the now-defunct NovaLogic, a company established in 1985 and renowned for making some of the first military simulators, such as the submarine simulator Wolf Pack (1990), tank simulator Armored Fist (1994), flying simulators Comanche (1992), F-22 Lightning (1997), MiG-29 Fulcrum (1998) and many others. Originally made in conjunction with US Army for the purpose of army training, Delta Force paved the way for modern shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, as it invented many of the game mechanics and design concepts which are commonly used in today’s shooters. One of the first unique feature of the Delta Force series, at the time, was its freedom of choice. When starting a mission, the players could pick their custom soldier and equip him as they saw fit. They could choose his primary and secondary weapons, as well as additional equipment such as offensive and defensive grenades, flak vests, laser designators and many others. This allowed players to approach the missions in any way they wanted, from being stealthy and using silenced weapons, trough sniping from afar, all the way to taking their M249 SAW and mowing down enemies in front of them. Custom loadouts added to the replayability of each mission as players could, for the first time, experiment with a variety of equipment in discovering which one works best for the given mission similar to the modern-day COD franchise. Character selection and loadout screen The Delta Force series also pioneered shooters with large open areas that players could freely explore and move around. Although these vast playable areas were not as lively as in today’s games due to engine and hardware constraints, they never felt bland, as maps featured a mix of hills and plains, rivers and lakes, all of which added to the uniqueness of the terrain. As the game’s plot played out on all five continents, missions were also set in different environments such as South American jungles, Siberian snowy mountains and African deserts. There was also a mission which featured the Pyramids of Giza, which could be entered and climbed on, allowing for some fun sniping experience. These large, open areas removed the linear bonds that most games had at the time, there by letting players try out different tactical approaches to each mission, just like in the modern Battlefield or Rainbow Six series. Players could explore any area of the map and climb the present structures, such as the Pyramids seen on the right NovaLogic also strived to bring hardcore realism to the Delta Force series, in lieu of their reputation for making military simulations instead of simple shooters. As such, the player, his teammates and enemies were by no means bullet sponges. One bullet to the head or center mass was all it took for both the player and enemies to be taken down. Even bulletproof vests and armored helmets, which when equipped took up an inventory slot, did not offer full protection, as they would only effectively stop small arms fire while sniper bullets and grenades would still instantly kill the player. Players could also run out of ammo during their missions, rendering them unable to complete it. The one-hit-kill mechanic and limited ammo added realism to the series, a feature that was only later seen in modern games such as ArmA, America’s Army and Insurgency. The Delta Force series were also among the first to feature AI-controlled teammates with which the player could communicate trough radio messages. Although these AIs were not very advanced, they were still an interesting add-on, as they could inform players of enemies, call in a laser-designated strikes and even provide fire support if ordered. Teammates could also die while on a mission, which would cause them to be replaced by new characters of different looks, names and loadouts. Interesting fact was that Delta Force series also featured female soldiers, a rather uncommon sight at the time. Parachuting with an AI-controlled buddy Longbow, and one of the playable characters and potential mission partner Mako - the team's medic and a specialist diver Delta Force games also came packed with content. They had unique weapons such as the cancelled Pancor Jackhammer shotgun, one-of-a-kind Soviet underwater APS rifle, and even the futuristic-looking G11 and Calico M950. Every sequel also had about 40 playable missions, which when combined with custom loadouts and challenging gameplay mechanics such as bullet drop and one-hit kills, made the series offer hours upon hours of fun. Although by today’s standard, the Delta Force series are quite outdated both in terms of graphics and gameplay, they still have mechanics used in modern day games, and while I cannot recommend them to youngsters, older gamers might find the series a nostalgic reminder of the good old days. The first three Delta Force games currently hold Very Positive ratings on Steam and are available individually or as a Bootcamp bundle for 19.99 USD.
  13. As we are all eagerly waiting for this year’s E3 and the upcoming big name reveals, some of which we mentioned in our previous articles, GSC Game World managed to slip under our radar and silently announce the long-awaited return of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. By posting a Tweet and opening a website dedicated to the game, the most successful Ukrainian formerly-defunct-now-reopened-video game studio sparked speculations, as to whether 2021 will be the year we finally see a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. iteration after almost 11 years. GSC started releasing the widely-successful S.T.A.L.K.E.R franchise back in 2007, pioneering the genre of modern open-world action adventure games. Inspired by the 1971 Soviet novel Roadside Picnic, and the subsequent 1979 movie Stalker, the franchise was set in Ukraine, some years following the infamous Chernobyl Nuclear Powerplant disaster. In the series, players get to play as Stalkers, shady individuals who illegally enter ''The Zone’’ - area in and around the city of Pripyat, which has been sealed off by the government forces and private contractors after the meltdown. Stalkers hunt for mysterious artifacts, new elements which were formed as a result of the nuclear fallout, and which grant its wearers unique abilities. These artifacts are highly priced outside of the Zone, so exploiting and selling them on black market has become a lucrative business not just for the Stalkers, but for military and PMCs, who are in constant war with one another over them. Besides the dangers of the ongoing war, The Zone is also a home to many physical anomalies, as well as mutated creatures which the players have to fight or evade in order to survive. The critical praise of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, the first game in the series, motivated GSC to release two more sequels, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky in 2008 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat in 2009, both of which received equally favorable reviews. With series sales exceeding 4 million copies worldwide, GSC announced S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 in 2010, with release date being set for 2012. To everyone’s surprise, GSC studios fell apart the very next year due to undisclosed reasons, effectively halting further S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 development. In 2014 studio came back together again, but instead of announcing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, they released Cossacks 3, a real-time strategy that got mediocre reviews. A free to play shooter riddled with microtransaction, Survarium, was released a year later and got similar mediocre reviews even though it was loosely based on the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 concept art released shortly before the company's collapse featuring [L-R] feral doggos, Ukrainian-born Slenderman and something unexplainable Ever since then, GSC was rather silent regarding their future projects, instead only focusing on Cossacks 3 and Survarium updates, so it came as a pleasant surprise when out of the blue they tweeted the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 announcement. Besides the the ''supposed’’ year of release - 2021- which is featured on the picture and the website, there are absolutely zero other information available on the project. As such, we can only hope that GSC will continue to pleasantly surprise us and maybe release some more information on the development of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 in the near future, but until then, let us enjoy three more disturbing images of creatures we might encounter while exploring the Zone. From left to right: Miss Piggy with spider-like thingy living in its back, Monkey waiter serving mom's spaghetti, ''Camouflaged Log Monster''
  14. I’ve had quite a lot of free time in the past month, so I decided that the best way to spend it is to do a little horror game marathon. During the run, I have completed newer titles such as Evil Within 2, Resident Evil 7 and Outlast 2 and then moved on to my all-time favorite Silent Hill 2, which I play through an emulator. Just as I was getting ready for the first encounter with the Pyramidhead, in which James creeps from the closet while Pyrmidhead does ''stuff'' to the mannequins, my emulator broke. Controller inputs stopped being recognized and despite numerous reinstalls, I couldn’t get it to work to this day (So if someone has a tip on how to fix this, share it in the comments section). I started browsing GOG in hopes of finding a game that will sate my hunger for an old school horror, and that is when I came across Nosferatu: Wrath of Malachi. I immediately remembered this game as it was very popular when I was in elementary school, but I never got around to playing it at the time as I was a sensitive Nancy and I was too scared to even try. Now that I am a big, strong and grown I decided to buy it and test it out, and I must say that I am very glad I did, as Nosferatu has aged awesomely and still managed to give me creeps and a few jump scares. Nosferatu: Wrath of Malachi is a first-person horror shooter, developed by Swedish IdolFx and published by IGames Publishing way back in 2003. Heavily inspired by Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, and the 1922 German silent movie Solace, the game takes place in the year of 1912, in the Romanian region of Transylvania where British blue-blooded family Patterson is getting ready for their eldest daughter Rebecca’s wedding to a rich Romanian count. The game’s main protagonist is James Patterson, Rebecca’s oldest brother and a professional swordsman, who arrives to the castle one day later due to participating in a fencing tournament in Sweden. Upon his arrival, James discovers that his family is missing and that the castle is engulfed in a dark energy. He soon discovers the family’s priest, Father Aviile, who tells James of count’s real identity and his evil plan to sacrifice his family members in order to free Count Malachi. The priest then gives James his Crucifix as ''the vampires will back away from it'' and instructs him to go inside the castle and save his family. Before entering the castle, James also arms himself with his grandad’s trusty old cane sword which he finds in a discarded suitcase close to the castle’s entrance. James's family members that need saving, plus doggo Buster who gets a separate screen for being the cutest and most damage-dealing sidekick of all the others! From that point on, the players take full control of James and can freely explore most of the castle, which consists of four parts – Main Castle, East and West wings and the surrounding courtyard. Near the entrance to the courtyard is the Sanctuary, a designated safe zone where “the spawns of hell do not venture’’ and where James can bring the family members he saves. The player has only one night in order to save James’s family, with the game starting at 11:00 PM at night and lasting until the first sunlight at 6:00 AM in the morning. Although I haven’t exactly measured, one in-game hour is a bit longer than a real-world hour, so in total, players have between 7-8 hours to explore the castle and save all the family members. James’s family members can die if not saved on time, and they are also killable while being escorted to the Sanctuary. Although there is no particular order in which they need to be saved, every member gives James a unique weapon or a service, which can be permanently lost if they die. For example, family’s physician, Dr. Amersfield can heal James for free every time he is visited in the Sanctuary, so it is advisable that he is saved among the first. Family members are also placed randomly around the castle on each playthrough, and although players get hints as to where they are, it is necessary to explore the castle in order to find them. Count Nosferatu's castle as seen from the courtyard What makes the exploration interesting is that, while the exterior of the castle stays the same, the interior rooms are randomly generated and the same is true for monster spawning. This means that in every playthrough, players get a different looking castle interior with different enemies and hidden treasures. Although random enemy spawning might cause some balancing issues early in the game, this mechanic sure keeps players on the edge at all time as they can never be sure what enemies await in the next room. Speaking of enemies, Nosferatu has quite a lot of them, with some being Ghouls, Gargoyles, Feral Zombies, Lesser and Higher Vampires and many others. There are also few in-game bosses such as the Foul Beast, Succubuses Moraie and Draija, and vampire Desmodaui. Interesting fact about both regular enemies and the bosses is that they all have unique vulnerabilities, meaning that only certain weapons will work on them. For example, Ghouls are more vulnerable to bullets than Vampires, so Vampires have to be taken down with the combination of the Crucifix, Holy Water, garlic and a stake. If the player lacks some of the weapons required, the fight will become challenging if not impossible, making every encounter unique as it requires experimenting with different weapons and tactics. In terms of weaponry, the game has an interesting selection. Besides the mentioned cane sword and Crucifix, players can also obtain a flintlock pistol, a musket, a revolver, a machinegun, bunch of garlic and wooden stakes, as well as the most interesting and powerful weapon of the game – the Holy Water. While most of the weapons need bullets, except the obvious ones such as the sword, garlic and stakes, Holy Water needs to be made with the Crucifix. Namely, in order to recharge the ancient chalice which holds the Holy Water, the players need to find regular water, bless it with the Crucifix and then pick it up with the ancient chalice. The chalice only holds five charges and has a very short range, but it can one hit kill most enemies and is very effective against vampire bosses. Some of the weapon choices - The Crucifix stopping a lunging vampiresse, Flintlock Pistol and firing Machinegun at one of the succubi Randomized interior, random monster spawns and interesting weapons make Nosferatu an excellent game with high replyability value. Even tho the graphics are outdated, the grainy textures and the sepia-like effects are in my opinion just perfect for this kind of game, as they are make it more immersive and more like the old silent movie it was originally inspired by. On the other hand, this game is anything but silent. High pitched musical scores are present throughout the game and are composed in such a way that they send chills down your spine. Besides, the higher they get, the closer you are to being attacked which adds to the sense of dread while exploring the dark castle corridors as enemies are often hiding and the music is your only indicator of the impending battle. Although the encounters are fast and short, they are brutal and incredibly tense as enemies often lunge at you from the most unexpected places, there by making room for some good jump scares. As such, I recommend Nosferatu to any horror fans who are looking for an old school game that will keep them on the edge of the seat throughout the playthrough. Besides, if you really fall in love with it, you can always come back to it and feel anew as randomized interiors will completely change the game in your new playthrough. Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi is available on GOG for 5.99 USD and please scroll down for a bonus in-game moment were Count Nosferatu is trying to give you a hug. Oh hai gorgeous!
  15. In my yesterday’s article I mentioned that I have had a horror game marathon for the past month or so. In continuation of it, I had the pleasure of playing the Early Access version of Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown. I have been following this game for good four years or so, or in other words, ever since the original Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age gameplay was shown off at E3 2014. The original concept of hunting folklore monsters in four player teams fascinated me, and I created this image in my head that Hunt will be a mix of Left 4 Dead teamplay and Witcher 2 monster contracts. The gameplay footage and trailer also showed that the game will be set in Louisiana’s murky swamps, which was the perfect setting for such a game, both because Louisiana’s folklore is full of disturbing monsters, haunting rituals and voodoo customs, and because being in a swamp with water up to your knees, in a middle of a night while surrounded by growling zombie-like monsters is damn scary. Although at first, I did not like the third person view, as I think that it really numbs the scare factor and takes away from horror immersion, the in-game characters with all their cowboy hats, old-west dusters, and the lever-action rifles looked pretty badass. Besides, the developers further promised fully customizable looks thus justifying this approach. Concept Art released back in 2014 when Hunt: Showdown was still called Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age After the E3 showing everyone went silent on the Hunt, and beside the announcement that Crytek took over the development following Vigil Game’s bankruptcy a month later, we got practically no new information on the game for the next few years. In 2017 we finally got a new trailer, and we discovered that the game was now renamed to Hunt: Showdown and it went from being PvE to a mix of PvE and PvP. The gameplay camera was also changed from third to first person, meaning that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy our custom characters outside of the selection screen anymore. Nevertheless, the game looked much better than before, with weapon design and light effects being absolutely marvelous. In February of 2018, Hunt: Showdown was released on Steam as an Early Access product. Although I am very skeptical of unfinished games, mostly due to DayZ’s ongoing fiasco, a close friend got it and recommended we play together. As I was done with Nosferatu, and my emulator was still not working, I decided to pull the trigger and buy Hunt: Showdown. Ever since then, I played a couple of rounds with my friend and I must say that I have mixed feelings about it. Good things first. The graphics in the game are spectacular! I do not have the most powerful rig out there, so I only get to play on medium settings, but even so, the environment and light effects, and especially the fire, look exceptional. What was promised in the trailer was delivered by the developers even in early access, which is very important for the future, as there were many cases such as The Division and Watch Dogs, were graphics were significantly watered-down in the final release. Developers also paid a lot of attention on the weapons and their design, as Hunt: Showdown sports a wide selection of weapons many of which are based on real-life ones. Weapons are very detailed with many scuffs and dirt marks on them, and the reloading animations were individually made, making the use of every gun a unique experience on its own. Sounds are also a strong suit of the game. Gunshot echo was nailed by the Crytek team, as the sound of every bullet travels throughout the map alerting other players and enemies of your position. Same goes for the animal noises, as well as enemies’ growling which can be heard from some distance away, and serves as an indicator that someone is around. In-game screenshots featuring different weapons and environment and i just wish sound can go with these pictures. Gameplay-wise Hunt is very satisfying in the first few hours. It is fun to both shoot and sneak around the enemies, especially during the night time missions as they are very dark and require player’s full focus. Lack of disposable ammunition also means that players must ration their use of bullets, as running out of ammo will not just put you in disadvantage against other players, but will also make the boss battles impossible to finish. Hunt: Showdown also allows for tactical approach to final boss hunts. Players can either go in guns blazing, but with limited ammo they need to be careful not to run out of it, or they can strategize and pre-plan the final encounter. Upon arriving at the location of the final boss, players have short time frame to prepare before the creature arrives. This gives them time to set up barbed-wire barriers or light fire in order to limit the battle area, which is a neat mechanic as it allows hunters to make their own hunting grounds and lure the prey in. Now for the bad things. First - Matchmaking takes too long. As the game format was changed and is now playable only in teams of two, it is not possible to join the game on your own, and players need to wait matched with a buddy with whom you are to play. As the game is still in early access, the gaming community is not that big, meaning that this concept really prolongs the waiting time. There by, if you are playing on your own, be prepared to wait. Second - Two player teams are not very fun unless you are with someone you know. Maps in Hunt: Showdown are huge and very detailed, and it comes natural that players want to explore them. Because of this, do not be surprise if you wait for ten minutes and then get matched with someone who just wonders off instead of trying to hunt the creature with you. This will put you in an immediate disadvantage as you won’t have a healer, nor a fire support against enemies and other players. Therefore, I think that four player teams would make much more sense, as there will be more comradery as was the case in L4D series. Map and Character selection screen Third - PvP elements are completely unnecessary and should be optional. Unfortunately, Hunt: Showdown also fell victim to the Battle Royal craziness that is currently going around, as every game needs to be played against ten other players grouped in teams of two. As every team hunts the same creature, it is inevitable for players to eventually meet and be forced to gun each other down. This makes room for exploit, as players could simply camp outside of the battle zone and wait for the fight to be over, and then run in and mow down the already injured players who just put all the effort in killing and banishing the monster and steal their bounty. Fourth and final - The enemies are still very dumb and lack variety. The Hunt: Showdown currently has only two bosses, one is an overgrown spider and second is a Bucher monster, that somewhat reminds me of the Keeper from the Evil Within, except this one wears a dead-pig’s head instead of a safe on his head. The spider is fast, attacks melee and shoots poison from afar, while the Butcher follows you are around and tries to hit you with his meat hook. Both available bosses are just giant bullet sponges that will go down after being shot or set on fire for long enough, so although I mentioned that it is fun making tactics, in the current stage, it is not very necessary. Regular enemies are also unimaginative, dumb and slow. There are currently only five types of enemies, one of which is just a mini version of the Butcher boss. They lack any dangerous attacks and move very slow, so getting overwhelmed by a large group or getting attacked by an unexpected monster is the only way to really be hurt. Two of the bosses available for hunt as of the current release Summarizing everything, the Hunt: Showdown is a fun game in the first few hours. It is visually stunning with great sounds and gun mechanics that are going to fascinate most of the players at first. However, the game seriously lacks any content at the moment. Although it is fun experimenting with different weapons and perks, hunting for only two available bosses gets rather tiring after a while. Nevertheless, this game is being built on interesting ideas and by a powerful company that has some excellent games behind it, and I believe that Crytek will fix all of the issues I mentioned above. I also hope that in the final release, players will be given the freedom to decide what mode they want to play, instead of being forced to participate in this Battle Royale-like-PvPvE gameplay. Overall, I do not regret buying Hunt: Showdown, but I am sure to be taking a break from it, at least until more enemies and bosses are added and until matchmaking times are cut shorter. Hunt: Showdown is currently 20% off on Steam and is available for 23.99 USD.
  16. We must all admit that every single one of us had a thought about what it would be like to be a gangster, or at least, be a member of a gangster family after watching the Godfather movies. The seeming closeness of the family members, the loyalty of friends, the pretty women, the shiny cars, the tailored suits and the unlimited supplies of spaghetti, pasta and garlic bread made the life of an Italian mobster seemed like the one worth living. However, if we were to dig beneath the surface, we would also discover the bad side of a gangster’s life such as the daily violence, the frequent betrayal of those ''loyal and close'' friends and family, and almost constant uncertainty of whether you will wake up one day to find a horse’s head in your bed or you’ll go out with your buddies to get some cannolies and end up with one of them shooting you. Now, although all three Godfather movies, as well as the movie GoodFellas, managed to masterfully depict the lives of gangsters, it wasn’t until 2002, that we get to fully immerse ourselves and actually control one in a virtual world. In 2002, Czech-based Illusion Softworks released and open-world action-adventure game titled Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. Heavily inspired by both of the above-mentioned movies, Mafia’s plot revolves around Thomas Tommy Angelo, an ordinary man who unwillingly gets involved in a war in between two rival mob families. The game starts off during the early years of Prohibition and is set in the fictional City of Lost Heaven, located on the US East Coast, where Thomas Angelo works as a taxi driver. One night, while taking a smoke break, Thomas encounters two well-dressed gentlemen, who hijack his taxi and force him at gunpoint to drive them “anywhere, fast”. Soon, Tommy’s taxi starts getting shot at, and he discovers that the two are being pursued by a rival gang, which leads to a high-speed chase around Lost Heaven. Upon successful escape, Tommy drives the duo to Salieri’s bar in Little Italy, where he is given a hefty reward for the car repair and his services, as well as an offer to stop by in case he needs any help or wants work. Shocked by the encounter, Tommy goes home and decides that he won’t even consider the mobster’s offer as for him, it is better to be ‘’poor and alive, then rich and dead’’. Chronology of Tommy's first encounter with Paulie and Sam. Few weeks after the incident, Tommy has returned to his regular job of faring passengers around the city. While waiting for the next customer, Tommy gets attacked by two mobsters who remembered him from the night he helped their rivals escape. Faced with the prospect of being killed, Tommy realizes that he is close to the Salieri’s bar and decides to make a run for it, using the side alleys as a cover from the gun-wielding mobsters. After a short pursuit, Tommy reaches the safety of the bar where he finds Paulie, one of the mobsters he drove the faithful night. Paulie and his crew quickly ''take care'' of the pursuing gangster, with the following cutscene showing their lifeless bodies being loaded onto a covered flatbed truck. At the same time, Tommy, Paulie and Sam, the other mobster Tommy helped escape, are seen in the bar, laughing and drinking, indicating Tommy’s induction into the organization and his change of attitude towards it. From that point on, Tommy is sent on various missions, slowly making his way up in the mobster chain of command. Tommy being attacked and running to the Salieri's Bar and the aftermath. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven is played from a third person perspective and features a wide variety of missions. There are those that require stealth, as well as those that involve bank heists and massive shootouts. Driving is an important part of the game, so players can expect to participate in leisure driving, many high-speed chases and even an instance of professional racing. Although the missions are linear in terms of progression, players are able to freely move around the city before starting or upon ending a mission. The City of Lost Heaven is a pleasure to explore both on a vehicle and on foot. It is very big and heavily inspired by 1930’s New York, Chicago and San Francisco, with some of the real-life landmarks from those cities being present in the game, albeit in smaller scale. It is divided into districts such as Little Italy, China Town and Central Island (and many others), some of which are reminiscent of their real-life counterparts and have a very distinct charm. The city also feels very lively, with NPCs driving and parking their cars, crossing the streets and walking around the sidewalks. The police are also enforcing basic traffics laws, so players need to respect them unless they want to be pulled over and fined. Speeding, running red lights and getting into accidents all attracts police’s attention and can result either in a fine or an arrest which automatically fails the mission. Surrounding the City of Lost Heaven is a countryside that the players can also visit. This area includes some picturesque scenery, as well as landmarks such as the Lost Heaven Airport which is packed with propeller planes and zeppelins, the Clark’s Motel and Gas Station, Racing Circuit and even an Electricity Dam. View of Lost Heaven's Central Island, and the Airport. Besides the beautiful city and the countryside, driving in Mafia is also enhanced by the large selection of vehicles. There are about 70 different cars that the players can drive, including hot rods and old-school racing cars that look like arrowheads. To add to the immersion, the vehicles are introduced periodically throughout the game, with older 1920’s models being available from the very start, while 1930’s models appear later on. Driving is also very realistic, meaning that the players can run out of gas or get their fuel tank punctured by a bullet, they can get flat tires, overheat the engine and even break the transmission, if they were to shift gears improperly. Mafia was also among the first games to have a Freeride and Freeride Extreme mode, both of which are an equivalent to the modern day New Game Plus modes. These modes become accessible following the conclusion of the main storyline and feature new side missions, such as chasing alien spaceships, jumping off ramps and driving an explosive-rigged truck at a certain speed. Also included are all the weapons, cars as well as the lack of police, giving the players the ultimate freedom in roaming around the Lost Heaven. Just a small fraction of the cars that players can drive in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. When it comes to the weapons, Mafia doesn’t offer a very wide selection, but those that are present are true to the timeline and include Colt 1911, .38 Police Special, 44. Magnum Revolver, Tommy Gun, Shotgun, Mosin-Nagant and Springfield rifle and the Italian mob favorite – the Lupara. There are also melee weapons such as brass knuckles, baseball bats and switchblades. Players usually start armed with the Colt 1911 and can then collect other weapons around the map, but in some instances, they will also be equipped with a mission specific weapon from the very start, but be careful not to sport it in front of the police, or you will be arrested. Although most of the weapons are generic and there is nothing special about them, they are really fun to use with recoil and sounds that mimic their real-life counterparts. Speaking of sound, Mafia is probably one of the best games ever in terms of audio features and the soundtrack. Car horns, police sirens and background murmur of people, enhance the overall acoustic vibe of the city, giving an impression of a livable environment with actual things happening in it. There are also many random street encounters between the NPCs that spike up very quirky conversations further amplifying the city’s ambient. Every section of the city also features distinct background music, some of which are compositions from famous artists from the 1920’s and 1930’s, like The Mills Brothers, Django Reinhardt and many others. This really sets the mood of the game, there by bringing to the players the unique charm of the Prohibition-era America. Another strong suit of the original Mafia is its very active modding community, which even after 16 years from the release, still supports and releases new mods for the game. Although there not as many mods as there are for Skyrim or Fallout, the ones available can really enhance the original game, as well as Freeride and Freeride Extreme modes. For example, there are mods that add new interiors, NPCs, character looks, vehicles, and even multiplayer racing! Some in-game screenshots of melee action, shooting and mobster pursuit. All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend Mafia. In terms of visuals, the graphics are dated but even so, the game has aged perfectly and still look very good when compared to some other games of the time. On that note, car breaking physics can easily match more recent games, but don’t forget that you can always install one of the mods that improves the general textures and get even a better experience. Gameplay does have certain limitations such as the inability to stick to the cover, so you have to awkwardly crouch or stand and hide behind it. Nevertheless, the shooting is still very fun with players having to pay attention to the recoil and effective firing range of every weapon. Mafia’s main storyline is long and immersive with many twists and turns, and has about 21 missions total. While some missions are short and last about 10 minutes, others can take up to two hours to complete, with some even allowing for different approaches, such as using violence or not. Overall, to complete the main storyline it takes anywhere between 15 and 20 hours, but that is when Freeride Extreme comes with 18 new missions that further prolong the play time. Throw in some mods, and Mafia easily offers about 30 hours of actual story gameplay, but if you are a fan of old cars like me, you will be back to this game for many more hours just for some joyriding while listening to the 1930’s jazz hits. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven was voted the Game of the Year for 2002, it holds Very Positive Ratings on Steam and 4.5 stars on GOG, and is available on both platforms for 14.99 USD. *Do note that in the Steam and GOG versions of the game, some music has been removed due to licensing issues, but that is not a problem that a small mod cannot fix Map of the City of Lost Heaven
  17. When setting up a work or gaming station, people quite often overlook the importance of having a comfortable chair. While most of us worry about having a good enough graphic card that can run the most demanding games or enough RAM to have dozens of open programs, not much concern is given to proper posture while sitting at your desk, often for hours at a time. While lack of RAM can slow your multitasking, having a bad chair can cause physical ailments such as muscle cramps, back pain and neck strain, and those can ruin your work and game time entirely. So, unless you want to look like the hunchback of Notre Dame in a few years, it should be equally important to pick a comfortable chair when building your station, and if that chair manages to enhance your gaming by having built in-speakers and vibration feedback, you know you made the right choice. That is why, we present to you X Rocker Pro 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair that we had the pleasure of testing out at our GameNader offices for the past week. The reason why we picked Pro is because of its pretty looks, mid-range pricing, as well as because we wanted a modular chair that has some unique features not encountered elsewhere. Starting with the looks, Pro is a chair to behold. The design is very modern, with the black vinyl surface making it look very upscale and high tech. As such, it can equally blend in both a modern office as well as in your room. The gunstock armrests fit in nicely with the rest of the design and are made of a soft, rubbery material meaning they are not hard on your forearms and elbows, allowing for a longer exposure without causing skin irritation and redness. Pro also has an elevated head rest and lumbar support which make the chair very ergonomic, so sitting in it for longer periods of time is not an issue. A nice touch, not seen in many other chairs, is the thigh support, which lifts the user’s legs by just couple of inches making the sitting in the chair feel like being in a nice and comfy big-man cradle. X Rocker Pro Angle and Side View Unlike some other X Rocker chairs, Pro comes with a round pedestal that is adjustable in height. The pedestal feels very sturdy and keeps the chair steady on the ground. This means that larger users will have no problem using the chair, as the risk of flipping over or breaking seems very low. If you don’t like the pedestal you can always take it off, as the hard-shell bottom allows Pro to also be used as a classic rocker. Removing the pedestal significantly lowers the height which can be useful when playing games on your TV, as most TV stands are usually much shorter than a classic computer workstation. If using the chair as a rocker, users should be careful not to swing back and forth too much, as Pro is not as stable and can easily flip over if enough pressure is exerted. The audio panel is conveniently located on the right side of the chair, right underneath the armrest. It features an A/C adapter plug, headphone and MP3 jack, along with the knobs for adjusting the volume, vibration and bass, as well as a switchable button for selecting different wireless bands. Although controls are easy to reach, it might take some time to learn to operate them blindly, as it is impossible to see them without leaning over. This is true of all the knobs and plugs, except for the main volume button which is the largest of all, thus easily recognizable, and is encircled by a bright power indicator light that looks rather cool in the dark. Side view of the hard-shell bottom that allows the chair to be used as a rocker and the Audio Panel Pro also features a 2.1 audio layout, meaning that is has two built-in speakers and a single subwoofer. The two speakers are located on each side close to the headrest, while the subwoofer is on the back. This kind of layout makes the sounds very immersive, giving you a feeling of being in the middle of the action, besides, the subwoofer in the back also enhances the vibration module in the lumbar area, making the vibrations even stronger. The effect is very noticeable when playing shooters - we tested it on Battlefield 4 and we were BLOWN AWAY! The vibration felt with every hit combined with the surround sound effect of explosions and helicopter rotor blades buzzing above made this an incredible gaming experience! It is also possible to pair multiple chairs together allowing for simultaneous audio transmission, which can make watching a movie with friends a true cinema experience, but unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to test this out, as we only have one chair. Wireless pairing is relatively easy trough Bluetooth and the connection is very stable. During our testing we experienced no significant delays nor any breaks, as was the case when connecting trough cables. In terms of power up, Pro can be powered by 4 AAA batteries or by the Power Adapter which is included in the package. Although having a cable stick out the side of your chair might look ugly, we still recommend using it, as batteries last for 15 hours and it can get pretty expensive going through four of them every day. X Rocker Pro features a subwoofer in the back that enhances the chair's vibration. X Rocker Pro is a very heavy chair but it is foldable in half allowing for easy storage. It does come disassembled but putting it together is not very hard, as the instructions are clear and you get an Allen wrench in the package, which is all you really need when it comes to tools. Cleaning the chair is not an issue either and vacuuming is just enough, as there is no webbing where dust or food crumbles can get stuck. In general, we had the X Rocker Pro for a week and we are liking it so far. It is very good looking and comfortable, with the built-in 2.1 audio being a unique feature not seen on similarly priced chairs. The sound and bass are amazing and really add to the immersion when playing games or watching a video, so this is a definite high point. The vibration module is also fun, although we noticed that it can sometimes nag your back if the lumbar cushion moves or you take a weird sitting position. This might be a problem for larger users as they apply more pressure to the back when seating. The audio panel is also easy to reach, and we found the pairing to be pretty straightforward with most of the modern devices. We also think that using the chair with the pedestal is the way to go, as it is definitely more stable than the rocker, although we would advise that you place something underneath to prevent it from scratching the floor. Overall, the X Rocker Pro currently costs 169.00 USD at Amazon, and we recommend that you definitely take it into consideration if planning to make a chair purchase in the near future, as for that price, there is no gaming chair that can offer more features while at the same time being exceptionally good-looking and comfortable. What we liked: What we didn't like: - The design - The power cable sticking out of the side - The comfort - The vibration module which can nag your back - The 2.1 Audio - The price -
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  23. The horror game market is becoming oversaturated with games that offer cheap and unimaginative scares. The lack of creativity and innovations by the developers resulted in most modern horror titles heavily relaying on jumpscares and music spikes in order to startle the players, rather than on scenarios and environments that evoke dread and fear. As a big fan of horror games, I believe that there are certain requirements that every horror game needs to fulfill in order to earn the epitome of being scary. First, the game needs to be set in an environment that is going to make you feel lonely and unprotected. Being isolated from the rest of the world and knowing that help is far away, makes the player vulnerable and more observant to things around him which drastically adds to the game’s immersion. Second, the main character needs to be at a great disadvantage against whatever is out there. Having an experienced and trained soldier in the main role can be fun, but it is much scarier being a ordinary folk stuck in a extraordinary scenario. This kind of concept brings the protagonist closer to the regular players, testing their resolve and ingenuity throughout the gameplay. Besides that, knowing that you are weaker than your opponent prevents you from going in guns blazing, making every encounter intense and more difficult. Third, the storyline has to be non-existing or make absolutely no sense in the beginning. Antoine De Saint-Exupery said ''Only the unknown frightens men'', so being kept in the dark and not knowing who you are, how you got there or what’s ahead of you makes you theorize what is actually happening, thus creating a more engaging and suspenseful gameplay. As many modern horror games simply ignore these and enforce loud music and scary faces appearing in a split second, I was pleasantly surprised when few days ago I came across Beware, a demo of an upcoming indie game that managed to quickly meet all the requirements from above. Beware is a very unique game and can be considered a pioneer of a new genre - horror driving simulators. It is being singlehandedly developed by Ondrej Svadlena, and is currently running on the Unity engine, with car physics and movement being based on the CarX engine. Beware is very early in development, so do not let the main menu looks putt you off. As mentioned above, Beware is a game about driving and exploration of an abandoned Soviet camping grounds, the nearby forest and the surrounding countryside. The players are not given any backstory and no indication of who they are or what they are doing there, so unless you go over the readme file you get with the download, you won’t even know that there is a hidden mission that needs to be discovered by using ''logical thinking and intuition''. The game starts out on the camping grounds, with players put in the role of a driver whose car is in between a dozen of abandoned RVs. The foggy weather combined with the silence of the night and lack of any street lightening make the atmosphere very eerie, and turning on the car’s headlights doesn’t do much except show that the road ahead is muddy, slippery and filled with potholes. From that point on players are free to go wherever they please, but expect the ride to be a bumpy one due to the condition of the roads, with frequent instances of getting stuck in the mud, crashing and skidding even when driving on asphalt. Abandoned RVs, ruined store and one of the roads in the starting area. I do not want to spoil too much, but soon after the beginning of the game, there is a good chance that your car might be spotted, resulting in a pursuit between you and four gentlemen with wobbly heads. The pursuing car will be faster and have much better traction than your old tin can, and the driver will be aggressive and constantly try to run you off the road. As such, players would need to turn off their headlights and use skillful maneuvering and side roads in hopes of escaping. If you fail and your car gets boxed in or stuck in the mud, the pale-faced-head-shaking-oversized gentleman are going to leave their car, point their flashlights at your mirrors blinding you completely and break into your car, following which a black screen will simply say ''Death''. If you do manage to escape your pursuers, you can keep on exploring in hopes of finding the hidden mission. I downloaded Beware two days ago, so I still haven’t discovered everything, but so far, I came across an abandoned town that is littered with trash and broken cars, a factory (or at least I think it is) that is surrounded by huge platforms that look like offshore oil rigs and the most interesting discovery, a lone creepy looking babushka that flagged me down in the middle of the woods. She did, however, start running away as soon as I stopped, so I believe she is a part of the hidden mission, but my attempts to follow her have so far been unsuccessful as I kept getting stuck in the mud and losing her. I am not giving up on her though, and will continue my search again as I am very interested as to where she might lead me. Unknown figure in the window, ensuing chase and the close up of the wobbly head gents. From everything described above, Beware is definitely on a path of becoming an excellent horror game. It clearly satisfies all my personal horror requirements as it is set in Russian forest at night with no help in sight, there is no backstory and no indication of what is happening, and your character is at great disadvantage as he has to drive down the slippery roads in a car with the worst traction in history, while your enemies drive a Lada with suspension and control of a Mercedes McLaren. Bad roads and controls make every chase nerve breaking and tense, while exploration of foggy forests and abandoned towns is bone chilling and eerie. As such, Beware is a perfect example that sudden spikes in music volume and appearance of scary faces is not needed to make a game scary, but that unsettling environment and a scenario which resembles real life and in which all of us can find ourselves is more than enough. Beware has some hiccups of course, but it wouldn’t be fair to go into those, as this only a free demo and the game is being developed by only one person (for which Ondrej gets all the kudos in the world). Worthy of note is that the game looks excellent on the Unity engine and that the light and glare effects are some of the best ever. Besides that, there are is also some wonderful piano scores which were composed specifically for this game, and which greatly enhances the in-game chases and the encounters. Overall, Beware is must try for any horror fans. If fully developed, it has a great potential to become an excellent horror game and maybe even a pioneer of a new horror genre. Beware demo can be downloaded here, and if you have some money laying around you can also support its further development by visiting author’s Patreon page. Bonus picture of the lost babushka:
  24. In terms of ranking up, you can find all the info here. When it comes to future giveaways, i'll have Wolf answer that. Either way thanks for your suggestion, we will take it into consideration and don't forget you can always PM me or Wolf and we will be more than happy to answer your queries.
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