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  1. In most of the Wild West-themed movies, shows and games out there, the Native Americans are being portrayed as the main antagonists and troublemakers against whom, the hero protagonist – usually a gun slinging cowboy, a brave US Marshal or a trigger-happy Sheriff need to go up against. Rarely was there ever a genuine opportunity for us to see the other side of the coin, and experience what it was like being a Native American and dealing with all the hardships that came with the arrival of the new settlers and rapid industrialization of their native lands. This gap in the genre was recognized by the Game Labs, the creators of the widely successful Ultimate General series, who began working on a game where players will be put in the shoes of a Native American tribesman in his fight against the Westerners. The working title of the game is This Land is My Land, a name which is meant as a pun to the famous 1940’s folk song This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie, a song that talks about American lands which range “from California to New York Island”. This Land is My Land will be an open world game with combat focusing on stealth rather than on gun-blazing action. This is of no surprise as Native Americans were, in the beginning of the conflict, heavily underpowered in terms of modern weaponry and had to rely on their traditional armament such as the legendary Tomahawks, bows, arrows and atlatls in order to fend off the incoming Westerners. Besides in combat, stealth will also be used for completing objectives as developers stated that every mission will have multiple approaches, so it will be up to players to decide if they want to be violent or non-violent in their playthrough. Stealth will be an important part of the gameplay. The approach the players take will also have an effect on enemy AI as well as the world around them. Namely, developers said that the game mechanics ''will treat you [the player] as an intelligent adult who can make smart decisions to overcome our cooperative AI, that intelligently reacts to threats and changing surroundings'' meaning that the game world will be hostile from the very beginning and in-game characters will adapt in response to our actions. On top of that, every time we restart the game the world is going to change, with cities expanding and shrinking, camps being moved around and patrols taking different routes making every playthrough unique. Judging by the released screenshots, players will also get to traverse the vast open terrains of the American Mid-West by riding horses, which will without a doubt be an enjoyable experience with all the picturesque forests and mountains laying about. Scenery in This Land is My Land looks wonderful! As of right now, there is unfortunately no more information available on This Land is My Land. Game Labs still hasn’t given an estimated release date, nor any gameplay videos, however the screenshots posted so far all look incredible, with wonderful scenery and very detailed characters, as such i am very eager to see what will the developers further come up with, and I sincerely hope that we will get more info on this wonderful game soon. You can view the additional screenshots on the This Land is My Land official website.
  2. During the E3 conference, Square Enix, the publisher and developer of some of the famous game franchises such as the Final Fantasy, the Tomb Raider and the Hitman, showcased a trailer for their upcoming game titled The Quite Man. The trailer immediately attracted lots of attention as it was an interesting mix of both live-actions shots, as well as in-game footage. On top of that, the trailer was also rather weird as it featured a guy confronting some fellas who were just sitting in an alley, casually drinking and telling him to get lost as they didn’t want the ''chow'' he was carrying in a paper bag. From there, things got more confusing as the dude just goes crazy and beats up all of them, and even ends up putting the said paper bag on one of the guy’s faces while he is just lying on the ground unconscious. Nothing more was said after the trailer was released, except that more info on the game will be available in August, so naturally, people started speculating as to what was the trailer actually about. My initial theory was that we will get to assume the role of a disgruntled food delivery guy who had to go out in the middle of a night in an attempt to make a delivery, only to discover that he has been pranked called, so in order to vent his anger, he goes ballistic on the three drunks who gave him a dirty look and refused his undelivered food. Despite the awesomeness of my theory, it turns out that the story is much deeper than that, as the latest letter from the producer, which you can read below, confirms it. And for those with bad vision, such as myself, here is a typed out version: ““Words” are truly amazing. They possess the power even to change the world. This is undeniable. For me personally, words are as precious as they are valuable. That said, I believe we as humans are capable of connections that transcend words—for example, an infant need only to look into his mother’s eyes to know he is safe and loved. And in a world that overflows with cascades of words taken for granted, I can’t help but think it’s often difficult to realize such connections exist. Words shape consciousness; indeed, some even say that “words are life.” But what if we were to cast aside such a life? What if somehow, we were able to understand one another through connections formed heart to heart, soul to soul, and could once again look into one another’s eyes and form a bond so pure? This concept lies at the core of The Quiet Man. Feelings that remain after words are abandoned, feelings that can be conveyed even without words—aren’t these the feelings that are truly important in this life?" Yes, so I guess my theory about the angry delivery driver holds no merit, but nevertheless this letter made me rewatch the original trailer more carefully and notice some things that I’ve missed the first time around. Namely, at 0:29 of the video, just as the hobos refuse the guy’s chow, we can see him pointing at his ear and gesticulating that he doesn’t hear them, implying that he is deaf or maybe even mute, meaning that he is probably the Quiet Man. Also, at 0:42, just prior to the confrontation and the trailers' transition from live-action to CGI, we can see a man lying on the ground behind the Quite Man, which can possibly mean that that man was attacked by the three drunk guys and that Quite Man is simply avenging him. Although this does shine a bit more light on the game, there are still many unanswered questions making this the most enigmatic trailer of the E3, after Kojima’s Death Stranding of course. Nevertheless, the trailer does look promising and with the producer’s letter out, it is safe to assume that there will be some philosophical or pseudoscience background to the story which makes everything that more interesting. My only worry as of right now is that mixing of live-action sequences does not turn The Quite Man into an atrocity such as The Quantum Break which, for those unfamiliar with the latter, forces players to watch 15 minute live-action videos in between levels in order to prolong the storyline. Lastly, we just have to wait until August to get more information on The Quite Man, but until then we can all enjoy the trailer and read up on theories and speculations about the it and the game which arise almost daily. You can see the trailer for the upcoming The Quiet Man below.
  3. Woah, that monster reminds me of the one from The Stranger Things. Thanks for the tip, i will definitely check it out!
  4. VAR is helpful but there is no consistency on how it is used, that's my point. For example, in the Serbia - Swiss game, there was an obvious penalty and the ref refused to look at VAR despite being warned from the VAR room, same for Croatia when they were denied a red card against Denmark after their player was fouled in front of an empty goal. Both of those situations could have affected the outcome of the match, but were ignored because refs look bad if they doubt their initial decisions. They need to incorporate something similar to Challenges in tennis, and allow both teams to ask for VAR review one or two times per match. This would get rid of sketchy situations, give equal treatment to everyone and reduce the dependency on refs discretion in using VAR.
  5. I think that the tournament has been pretty fun so far. Lots of goals and exciting matches, especially in the last two days with all the penalty shootouts, but i honestly can't stand what they are doing with VAR. Its use has been so subjective that its is getting ridiculous, there are no clear guidelines on when it should be used so i feel like that many times, referees just refuse to look at it as it would be as though they are doubting themselves. I was also pretty bummed that Italy didn't qualify, but Colombia has been a nice surprise, as well as Japan.
  6. Back in April, we covered the release of the first trailer for the upcoming Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass, which featured the game’s main protagonist Sam, casually riding his bike through a sunny forest, gunning down a headless kamikaze and disappearing into a wave of oncoming enemies. As the hype around the upcoming sequel grew, the developers over at Croteam kept silent and patiently waited for E3 before revealing more details. Although the E3 screening was behind closed doors, we did get some info and a few screenshots afterwards, with a very rough pre-alpha gameplay footage appearing online just a few days ago. Judging from the released videos, official announcements and sprawling rumors, its seems that big changes are coming to Serious Sam franchise, with some even having a potential to become revolutionary. First of all, the trailer and the pre-alpha footage both show large number of enemies congregating on a small area and attacking Sam, and while this is nothing new for the franchise, as every previous iteration had dozens of enemies running at you from all sides, some sources suggest that this time around, the developers are aiming at having tens of thousands of enemies appearing at once. Seeing how developers have been making a new engine for Serious Sam 4, this might very well be true as it is very doubtful that current Serious Engine can handle such a large amount of characters at once. If Croteam does succeed and manages to implement so many NPCs in one area, this will undoubtedly put to shame many bigger open world games. Left: Groups of enemies as seen in the Trailer, Right: Groups of enemies as seen in the Pre-Alpha Footage With so many NPCs potentially chasing after Sam, it is expected that a large sprawling map will also be included in the latest sequel. Developers suggested that the map will be 128 square kilometers and that players will be allowed to explore every corner of it. Although the game will keep its linearity and will not be open world, it is safe to assume that such a big map will probably be divided into smaller areas which can be visited as players progress with the story. Smaller sections will allow developers to experiment with different environments and map layouts thus making the levels more diverse and interesting which is going to be of crucial importance considering that large maps can often get boring and repetitive. In order to further eliminate this potential downside, Croteam also promised a new coop mode to be implemented in the final release. Unlike previous parts, coop mode in Serious Sam 4 will feature up to 16 players which can jointly take on the hordes of evil Mentals. This means that some old friends of Sam’s, such as Rodriguez, Hellfire, Jones and others, might make a return as the upcoming sequel will probably take place prior to their deaths and the Earth’s destruction in the Serious Sam 3: BFE. Implementation of the coop mode is a big plus and is sure to make exploration of the huge map and fighting tens of thousands of enemies more fun and engaging. Serious Sam 4 will also feature vehicles which players can use for both traversing the map as well as combat. Besides the motorcycle we see in the trailer, Serious Sam 4 will supposedly also have a bulletproof popemobile, along with a combine which appeared in the pre-alpha gameplay footage and which Sam uses to mow down enemies in front of him. Screenshots of the combine that the players will get to drive around. Considering everything mentioned above, Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass is shaping to become another exceptionally fun game just like all the previous franchise iterations (except the PalmOS version of course). With the promise of a large map, more enemies, diverse vehicles and coop play, Croteam did set the bar high, however knowing their reputation of delivering on what’s promised, there is really no need to worry for the future of Serious Sam 4 and the franchise in general. As such, do not be put off by the rough pre-alpha footage, as it will definitely get better, and it won't be long before we will all get to experience what’s it like being chased by tens of thousands of headless screaming kamikazes. You can see the trailer, as well as the pre-alpha footage of the upcoming Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass below.
  7. This year is exactly 20 years since Resident Evil 2 debuted on the original Play Station. At the time, it was one of the best-looking games out there, with graphics, animations and sounds that gave nightmares to adults, let alone to a pre-pubescent teen such as myself. Playing Resident Evil 2 today can still be fun as it brings back nostalgic memories such as, in my case, many sleepless nights that I spend completely covered with sheets as I was too scared of looking at the ceiling out of fear that a licker might look back at me, however, despite the nostalgia we must all admit that Resident Evil 2 has aged really badly, both in terms of graphics and in terms of gameplay mechanics. As such, I was pleasantly surprised when at E3, Capcom revealed the first gameplay video of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake, due in 2019. Left: Resident Evil 2 (1998) vs. Right: Resident Evil 2 Remake (due: 2019) - Need I say more? During their presentation, Capcom staff revealed some details about the remake, and if they stay true to their words, Resident Evil 2 has a great chance to become a new standard for how remakes should be done. Namely, Resident Evil 2 is going to be remade completely in the latest RE Engine which was used in their latest installment – Resident Evil 7, meaning that the game won’t be simply infused with higher resolution textures like most other remakes out there. New engine will permit for higher resolution, 4K graphics, as well as higher FPS rates making the gameplay smoother and more visually appealing. Besides, making the game from scratch also allows for fixing of old and implementation of new mechanics, some of which Capcom has already disclosed. One of the biggest differences is probably going to be the change in camera for which the Resident Evil franchise was famous for, so instead of having that fixed corner camera, also called rodent POV in some circles, we will get the modern over-the-shoulder camera. Forfeiting the old POV will tremendously improve the characters’ aiming as well as give an opportunity to get rid of the horrible tank controls which have plagued the series up until the Resident Evil 4. With improved controls, camera angles and graphics, developers also promised a change in environment and atmosphere. Although all the locations, such as the Raccoon City Police Station, the Gun shop and others, will be present, they will all be enhanced with new areas, monsters and visuals as developers wanted to improve on the horror and lessen the action and shooting sequences. Like so, we can expect the gameplay to be similar to Resident Evil 7, with ammo being scarce and players having to ration its use and evade unnecessary encounters. Developers also promised that the zapping system will also be removed for the game’s remake. This means that players won’t have to switch in between Leon and Claire in the middle of the game, and debate which weapons to keep and which to give up. Instead, Claire Redfield will get an entirely separate campaign that will, presumably, tie in to the Leon’s and maybe even be prolonged. Nevertheless, two campaigns mean more playtime, and with original Resident Evil 2 taking about 8 hours to complete, the new one will offer at least 12 which is longer that most modern single player campaigns offer nowadays. These two are going to get individual campaigns, so no more switching in the middle of playtrough. All in all, everything that has been released so far points that Capcom is taking Resident Evil 2 in the right direction. They have a strong base, an excellent story and a superb engine for which they are experienced, there by meeting all the prerequisites needed for a good game, or in this case, a remake. I just hope that along the way no problems will arise and we won’t end up with some monstrosities such as the Operation Racoon City or the Ubrella Corps. Resident Evil 2 Remake is due in 2019 and below you can check out the first gameplay video.
  8. Thanks for your suggestion, we will take it into consideration! The forum and the site itself are very young, so we are still tailoring many of the features and looks but we do appreciate any comment we get!
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