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  1. What about Isaac from Gloden Sun, I have not seen him as assist trophie in Ultimate, Golden sun is now a forgotten franchise, but the games were innovative, Isaac already appeared in other Smash Bros games adn I think can have a cool moveset. I am sure an ARMS character will appear.
  2. SunKnight

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    Its really well made, your friend has talent. How he didi it. Is it digital or manual work?
  3. Ok, we have seen that trailer, but now we have gameplay, the game is beatiful, really. Its Pokémon as you always imagined as a child. Pokémon games always were immersive even with its simple graphics. Now we have all, we have the battles, the mosnters, the statics, but now it feels so alive as never. The Nintendo video was very long, so I add this short review.
  4. I think 3DS is the definitive (and maybe last) handheld. 3DS has legendary games from other conoloes like Ocarina of Time, Majora's Maks, Star Fox 64, Street Fighter IV., Donkey Kong Country Returns, Xenoblade Chronichles. It has a lot of original games, Samus Returns, several main Pokémon games, two original Zelda Games, Smash Bros, Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Phoenix Wright spinoffs. And its compatible with DS. cartridges Has virtual console of NES, Gameboy. It has all what you need.
  5. I remember playing the old good Spyro in PS2, really good games. Spyro was a kind of Play Station mascot, like Crash, but Sony ignored the, and Spyro went to other consoles too. Now he returns to his origins, with this remade trilogy, its really impressive.
  6. I have seen some of the picis in the video before and yes they are scary, the unexplainable really scares me. Those pics are famous because are scary and historical same time, like a proof that they were always there nad we cant do nothing.
  7. You will need a lot of money. Elos Musk has it, since he created PayPal and a lot of other thigns. It would be awesome to see a real space indsutry with a lot of people invilved in the future.
  8. Oh, good scene, a little sad, all the movie is epic, and always think a future like that is possible if we dont take care of out planet. Did you know that the history was made twice decades ago, Last Man Alive and The Omega Man.
  9. Oh, I didnt see Han Solo. I dont even know if is still in theaters. I think I will have to wait digital or blu-ray release. By the way, Abrams will start to film Episode IX very soon, I hope to see Mark Hamill again as a force ghost at least. I hope they find the way to finish Leias history right, it is what Carrie Fisher deserves.
  10. This was the best of Sony in E3, now The Last of Us officially becomes a series, and a really Play Station iconic series. I hope the game will be as cool as the first one, and Sony will offer us a unique experience in horror survival. These are the game I am not fan of very long cinematics though.
  11. The game looks incredible, Spider-Man is one of my favourite superheroes and this is the game he deserves. I would like see Venom and Green Goblin too.
  12. Too bad, I was sure they would show some info of Metroid Prime 4, we have been waiiting that game for years, and since we know now it exist, I want to know more.
  13. Yes, is very fun, if nver played, I higly recommend Star Fox 64, since is a old game, you could try the 3DS remake, thats the typical Star Fox experience, because Command and Dinosaur Planet are too different and really they have not the real scence of 3D arcade shooter.
  14. This trailer is impressive. We all characers back, stages from Wii U and 3DS versions, new stages. And some new characters. Still is this a totally new Smash Bros or is Smash 4 Deluxe? I seems is 80% recyled, I dont like that, since all Smash Bros games ae totally unique. But the 20% new thisn are awesome, I love all the new altern outfits, I hope more characters have them in the final version. I love how the default outfits for Link, Zelda and Ganon are from different games but it feels natural like if they were from the same game.
  15. First, just enjoy the video Now, her is it. It look like a modern remake of the first Pokémon game in Game Boy. I just see Pokémon from first generation and Trainer Red as protagonist and Team Rocket as bad dudes. It looks really funny and inmersive. You can take a pokémon in a pokéball with you. Obviously you have multiplayer as always, but taken to the next level. Compatibility with Pokémon Go. Its fantastic.
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