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  1. First, just enjoy the video Now, her is it. It look like a modern remake of the first Pokémon game in Game Boy. I just see Pokémon from first generation and Trainer Red as protagonist and Team Rocket as bad dudes. It looks really funny and inmersive. You can take a pokémon in a pokéball with you. Obviously you have multiplayer as always, but taken to the next level. Compatibility with Pokémon Go. Its fantastic.
  2. Yes it woths the money, also, new incredible games are coming, Pokémon Pikachu and Eevee, and Smash Bros. And both Mario Odyssey and Zelda were nominated to game of the year, and Zelda won! And a lot of other cool games, and the option of multiplayer with those cool joycon. And also the Nintendo Labo, but thats really for children.
  3. Star Fox characters in Smash inst new, Fox is a basic character in all Smash games, Falco in most games, and Wolf in one game, so Star Fox in Smash is the common thing. They did Star Fox Zero for Wii U, wich was reboot of the series, its the same story. The game is good, but people dont care too much, maybe due to the experiments they did all these years with past games.
  4. That is a good idea, but I dont think they would reduce the inventory, and yeah there is too much stuff to pick. Maybe adding a new quest with that limitant for challenge lovers.
  5. No, its the first time I see it, but it worths, really interesting stuff. This is a good and original idea for a channel offering something not seen in other channels. I will watching more videos
  6. Thats cool, talking about positive and negative things in a game without revealing too much is a good service for the audience.
  7. I think the issue is most people want to upload gameplay and youtube wnat to offer soemthing more, so it focuses in popular channels. If someone upload a good video showing something intersting it will go viral and will be monetized, I guess.
  8. Very interesting... and scary. Will some day the ghost be accepted by all as fact? I see alot of anecdotal evidence all time (and some amterial evidence), but no autorithy want to admit it.
  9. We will never know. If we die and there is other life, we can't tell it to living people. If nothing happen, the same thing sinec living people cant know.
  10. Thats sound horrible, I hope never happen to me. But before think, if have you been under stress, drinking too much coffee that day, not sleeping enugh, taking some pills. Some things can cause that we persive things that are not real. If you have discarded all that explanations, then you need to consult an expert.
  11. I think most people liked Last Jedi, I liked it, the thing is people that liked the movie dont need to campaing or write things to be noticed. People that didnt like it, are in the internet writing here and there and they are noticed. You can check in the Star Wars official facebook, the amount of thumb ups and hearts vs the amount of angry faces. I like than Kylo Ren did that none of past villians could, he beated the master and became the master, thus avoiding that next director repeat the ending of the episode VI in next movie. The Luke attitude shocked me at first, almost dissapoiting me. But I realized is in the line of Ep VII. Why would be the jedi hidden if he was will to fight a war? He didnt want fight, so makes sense that he doesnt want to teach more jedi, or join Leia or fight Ben and kill him. I didnt like the constant jokes, there was a bad timming there interruptiing the action and tension.
  12. Because Sun has been worship by centuries, so I imagined soemthing cool like a guardian from the Sun, Sunknight
  13. Yes I love cats, I think they are a nice companion and very useful against some plagues too.
  14. For me is Death Note, it was a very interesting supernatural thriller, very suspenseful. I have not watched the american film version.
  15. Avatar, yes it was impresive, innovative, beatiful, well made, but its plot is the same story we have seen other times, Pocahontas for example.
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