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  1. I took a screwdriver and arrived very early, removed all the screws of the door hinges, I hid and waited the first teacher or classmate came to classroom, some classmates arrived first, obviously the door fell and they were very confused, the teacher arrived was very angruy and was very funny.
  2. Soccer and basketball. I like to watch the EuroCup, I think is the finest tournament. But I even enjoy watching amatuer local teams and having a beer with friends.
  3. My favourite band is Queen, greates timeless songs, also it was full of talent, Freddy Mercury had a great voice, but was also the perfect showman.
  4. I think in Twitch you will have more audience soon. And Youtube Gaming will reach a good audience overtime, its youtube after all.
  5. Its Microsoft, I think they always are going to launch the games in PC too, lets say they are not Xbox exclusives but Micrsoft exclusives (Xbox and Windows), not all people have a gamer PC, and they will play it in Xbox. they alwaws will support the console.
  6. Oh, that is great keep us updated of your eperience, the lgames always looked promising
  7. This is 2018, we would have many options as possible. I think theis game is easily adatable to both game styles.
  8. Well, I choose SunKnight as nickname, so I thought this would be funny, and choose the Angry Sun as image profile? If you already posted here, but you change your avatar later, you can post again if you want, and explain again what your new avatar means, I guess.
  9. It looks incredible, but trying modern technology doesnt stop me to back to 1080 res, or even to 80s consoles. I love playing different types of games.
  10. A little fish called Rambo! He was awazing, too bad he died within a year.
  11. It was houndor because it looks like a Doberman, and I was in my team in Pokémon Gold for its double type. But now is Charmader, its cute, and very useful and its the base of the powerful Cahrizard. Also like Cyndaquill.
  12. Docked most time, but since my family can be using the TV too, I could use it handheld those days.
  13. The game is enugh long for me, even with only few main dungeons, there are a lot of things to do, the motorcucle DLC looks really fun, also I loved the amiibo DLC outfits, specially the NES and OoT versions.
  14. Too bad uigi inst often in 3D Mario games, we had Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine without Luigi, he appeared en Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, and 3D World, and I thought that was the new trend. But Mario Oddissey is still one of the best platformers even seen and very funny.
  15. I would like return to Vice City and Liberty City in the same game, but I think they will make a totally new brand big city, and maybe with other known places to revist.
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