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  1. Same. I'd probably go a little earlier but that is the time my gym opens
  2. I need to know if mine is compatible before i start building. Please confirm it. -asus rog strix z270f gaming -g skill trident z rgb 8x2 16gb -gigabyte nvidia geforce gtx 1050ti 4gb -i3-7100 -cooler master hyper 212 turbo -thermaltake smart RGB 600w power supply -WD 1tb
  3. What's your favourite? Mine has to be Snake Eater, and oooh the ending of that game bought me to tears
  4. erik

    best horror movie?

    Boy, that nun painting scene was terrifying.
  5. As soon as I get one I'm gonna do that!!
  6. Star Control II - Look for Ur-Quan Masters if you want to play it now Wing Commander Privateer Civilization SimCity
  7. Eso I Think this game is wonderful, the story Deep and dramatic. This let's play was good, and that was Funny when Kunesh appeared from nowhere
  8. hello my friend We are glad that you decided to join the community and we look forward to seeing you around the forum.
  9. A hotdog is a type of sausage. Placing it between the bun makes it a hotdog sandwich. We just call both pieces together a hotdog just like you say "Philly Cheese Steak" instead of "Philly Cheese Steak sandwich". Hotdogs are sandwiches
  10. Order chicken biryani and chilli chicken or chicken 65. These are great introductory dishes. The biryani will almost always come with raita. Order some naan with it
  11. After reading a little bit about it, it sounds like a worthy follow-up.
  12. Is it as terrifying as the first one? I'll probably watch a let's play of both of them at some point.
  13. I started to play payday 5 few days ago But I have a question how is possible set up the timer of Ecm or number of guards and other stuff on my the screen ? Hope to receive an answer
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