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  1. I had the Moto G back in 2013. Didn't really have a smartphone before then, but that was my first. Had many Android phones until last year when I made the switch to Apple and I don't think I would go back.
  2. No they are separate releases on the store, not for PSNow. They have been out for a couple years now, I was just asking what other titles people would like to see.
  3. It definitely felt like a real fan service type of game. They made some great improvements over 4 whilst making sure the story and characters were basically perfect for saying goodbye to Drake.
  4. I've purchased it. Would love a PSPro to go with it but I cannot afford it. I am settling for my 4k TV with HDR to play this game, should still be excellent. I am excited as it seems to be reviewing as one of the best of this generation.
  5. I've got 12 now, just finished the platinum for Life is Strange: Before The Storm.
  6. If you hover over the store app on PS4 it loads some things below which I think kind of features in the same way. That's how I find sales, etc.
  7. Yes the good thing here is it isn't much of a review. No overall opinion or score, just some positives and negatives from the point of view of the guy who speaks. That way, you can come to your own conclusions on balance.
  8. That sounds like pure stress I imagine big maps, but I'm not sure how they would work that out. It'd be very different from normal COD.
  9. Yes I think Twitch seems to do better for viewership, I think that's also because YouTube gaming is relatively new to the park.
  10. The bits of PC gaming I've experimented with I can see why people like it but I prefer the casual option. I can lie in bed and play with a controller, I don't have to mess around with game settings to make sure it is all working fine for my PC, etc.
  11. If we are talking non-exclusives. I would probably say The Witcher III. Back on 360 I really loved the Fable games though.
  12. Football/soccer is the only sport which really catches my eye. I like how fast paced it usually is. I sometimes watch cricket, but only the quick matches such as Twenty-20.
  13. Figuratively, my Amazon Echo probably. I got it as a gift because it didn't catch my interest much otherwise. But having it as a gift and trying it out I have discovered how cool it is and how much fun it is to use.
  14. Up to you. From the seems of things though it seems that streamers with a face-cam tend to do better. I think that's because you build more of a connection with the viewers that way.
  15. E3 isn't too far away. So, what are you expecting to be revealed? For Sony, I think it will mainly be updates on games that have already been announced. I doubt we will see many new things in the works that we haven't heard of so far.
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