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  1. I really like Christian Bale. I loved his Batman trilogy and have enjoyed most of the other films he has starred in. Can't say I've seen a particularly bad film with him in. There are a lot of other actors which I like, but they can sometimes be in some poor films.
  2. I created my avatar myself as a way to identify my username. The username is the name by which I go by for anything gaming related so I made a matching icon. It was made back when I used to upload some basic gameplays to YouTube but I stopped because the quality wasn't good enough.
  3. I guess it takes them learning to adapt. Don't rely just on ads, get brand deals, get merch, use Pateron. Look into getting your own website so you can drive viewers there and monetise that in different ways. YouTube seems to have always been a place about adapting or be left behind.
  4. Mirror's Edge seems to be a real love it or hate it type of game. I see a lot of people with really mixed views. Did you play Catalyst? What did you think of that?
  5. What gaming controller have you enjoyed the most? I see loads of people say Xbox controllers are the best, but even with my big hands I enjoy the Dualshock 4 a lot more than the 360 controller I used to have. I did really like the Wii controller though, loved how unique it was for gaming and really enjoyed playing through Resident Evil 4 on the Wii as it made great use of the controller system.
  6. In season 4 the developers have alluded to the fact that they might be changing the map weekly by building things up slowly or by knocking things down slowly. Dusty Divot is the first example of this. What do you make of this move? For me, I think the map changes a bit too much if this is the case. I understand the need to keep things fresh and interesting but I think destroying peoples favourite locations and keep changing it will just annoy people.
  7. For me it has to be. I've purchased way too many games on disk and on the store that I won't complete before the next console comes around and I think that I will not upgrade unless there is some form of backwards compatibility. It shouldn't be too hard given the infrastructure behind the PS4 this time around.
  8. They still release a rather low amount of actual exclusives even accounting that they will release them on PC too. I think they need to work on getting more exclusive first party titles in development.
  9. You played the ports/remaster kind of things on PS4 yet? What did you make of them? I'd like to see a fully fledged reboot for that series also.
  10. Let me hear your thoughts? I know a movie for The Last of Us is apparently in the works and I personally think that could make a very interesting movie adaptation. Resident Evil was supposed to be getting a TV series a while back but it got cancelled, I think that could have worked well too.
  11. Never really thought about livestreaming on FaceBook. Is it only accessible to those who have you added as a friend or can you livestream to a page like a gaming livestreamer would want to do?
  12. I think it'd be a separate mode and they'd still have normal multiplayer. But you are right, it really seems like they would be jumping on a trend to make a few extra bucks.
  13. Which old PS franchises would you like to see given another chance, either with a remaster or reboot? We've been treated to remasters of Crash and Spyro recently so it got me thinking. I'd love a reboot of Twisted Metal as I think that could be good.
  14. What movie reboots would you like to see? I know a lot of movie reboots are poorly received so lets think of some we would like to see.
  15. Most of them suck. Resident Evil ones were awful, most I've seen are awful. Apparently Rampage is decent, apparently Assassin's Creed isn't bad - but haven't watched any yet. I'm hoping we slowly improve the quality of them because they seem to be releasing or working on many movies based on games - Minecraft, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Halo, etc.
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