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  1. JohnyD

    Hey !

    Welcome, this is a great place and you will have fun.
  2. If you can get it, you will not regreat, its a good console perfect for single and multiplayer, and really funny, I am not saying is the best console this generation, but its has not bad points and has offer good games.
  3. Oh, I enjoyed that video. Pokémon returns to its orgins. Also, all Pokémon main games are all in handhelds. All games in TV consoles are spin-offs. Since this is a main game (I guess) it confirms that Switch is succesor to both Wii U and 3DS, and no smaller handheld will come.
  4. The most competitive players prefer melee for the spped and balance of characters. I hope the new Smash will have good speed and attract all kind of players.
  5. I think the electric car would be the standar in the future, just for the effects in nature that cause current cars. But decades will pass before that. The oild industry is really a big cheese in economy and politics. Until now I prefer the fuel cars, but as everythings becomes more functional and green, electric cars will be the choice
  6. I like cats, they are cute and cool, but if I had to choose, I would choose a dog, I have one.
  7. For important things, as computer, and mobile, I prefer known brands, for other chepaest things, I buy whatever works for me. I have bought random mouse, headphones, speakers, storage cards, no paying too much attention to brand. I dont buy by the specific brand, but seeing a known brand help to trust.
  8. Wow I heard a lot of ghost stories, but noone had described the ghost with such detail, most people feel things but doesnt see things. I think in this case you need a priest or shaman , or something, your sitution sounds bad. Good look
  9. Very useful, I never recorded my gamplays but I think I have a good idea for a youtube channel, not focused in gameplay, but would use some game footage.
  10. The dog name is Rush, Megaman buddy since Megaman 3 The game is coming to all current consoles, Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The 7 original Megaman games were Nintendo exlusive, but it went multiconsole overtime, there are compilations in Play Station and Microsoft so anyone can play them. They are in android and ios too, you have to pay them, but are full games no transactions after purchase.
  11. Megaman is one of the first videogames series, maybe many gamers dont know him, since there are not games since the Wii/PS3 generation, but this year the legend is reborn, Megaman 11 with current graphics is coming Most games have 8 bosses (robot masters) than you can defeat and copy its weapon. This trailer shows two robot masters, Blockman and Fuseman. Get your weapons ready! ga
  12. It could be possible, but 3rd party characters are never a priority, we had a lot of foreign characters in past games, but tehay have a ralation with Nintendo in any way. Ryu and Megaman, classic heroes from the 80s in Nintendo consoles. Bayonetta, Nintendo produced last game. Pac-man because Namco was involved. Snake, old school NES hero, and Kojima requested it. Sonic, SEGA is Nintendos fried. And even if Cloud never did anything important in Nintendo, the first six Final Fantasy games appeared in NES and SuperNES, so Nintendo and Square have a history together. Undertale is very popular and they could considere it.
  13. CCTV ghosts are more convincing, I am not saing is real but it coul be.
  14. Not very clear, so I can give the benefit of the doubt. I dont want to browse searching for ghost pics since most time I find obviously good quality fake pics but ara really scary. I have seen a lot of pics that coul be real but always have lower quality.
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