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  1. Yes VAR should be like cameras in other sports and with somoene watching %100 of time, but I think has been very helpful and reduced a lot of mistakes. Japan was a real surprise, and Mexico at least in the first phase.
  2. I watched The Omega Man, really a good movie. Ok, this dog scene is sad, and the movie isnt exactly optimistic, I always feel strange with apocalyptic movies, so hopeless. I wish we never see things like that, the world is always in war and althought creatures like in I am Legend dont exist we are still in dangers of nuclear war and a similar future.
  3. Well, half of the tornament is gone and we never amde a thread. Do you like it? Most of the favourites and campions are gone. Italy and Holland didnt even assist. Former champions Argentina, Germany, Spain are out. France and Brasil are in the next phase and England can do it. Portugal is out. From the big teams we have only three. We can even have a totally new champion. What team de you think will be the champion this time?
  4. The first Spyro games were great, its very nice to see them again with current generation graphics, it looks fantastic, I hope I can play it when it arrives
  5. I have a idea, while we wait for more news about Smash Ultimate, we can talk about what character we want to see: Things to considere: It has to be characters generated in videogame , we know that there are Batman or Naruto videogames, but they were created in comics or manga, the games came later. It has to be Nintendo related, if is a Nintendo characters is easier to add, if not, at least has to be in some way related to Nintendo, as I mentioned before, Snake is Play Station icon, but he was first in NES, he was in Game Cube, and Metal Gear Solid 3 was remade in 3DS. FFVII never appeared in Nintendo consoles, but first six Final Fantasy games did it, even Cloud Strife made some cameos in Game Boy Advance. So leave alone exclusive mascot of other consoles, Kratos is impossible. I would like to see Impa from Zelda, she is a regulkar character, and she really can fight in Skyward Sword, and she is a Sheika, its like a ninj,a could be similar to Sheik. Simon Belmont, classic NES and SNES hero, Konami is already in game with Snake, and Simon has the perfect moveset for Smash, he has the Vampire Killer whip, the cross boomerang, the axes.
  6. I think, it would be a good business, just as Elon Musk is doing, I think he knows what he does, he had success in past. And yes, spaceships will be necesary, but specifically building a hyperdrive is impossible, hyperdrive just exist in fiction with no scientific base. but you could create another different engine.
  7. Robots are becoming really amazing, I love how they give a wide range of movements, so they can walk as humans, I hope they soon be cleaning my house. The most important thing is that they will be very useful and not liimied to industrial work, but in a lot of fields enhancig our lives making the dangerous and heavy stuff we cant.
  8. It would be considered better, if it was the first one, but the standar is very high now, comparing with the trilogy is mediocre. As a stand alone game is cool
  9. Something similar happened to me, one day I got EarthBound for SuperNES for $15, time passed I moved from my parents house, my little broth claimed all old games and I didnt mind. Now EarthBound cartridge is rare and was over $100. Fortunately Nintendo launched it in Wii U, only dowloable of course.
  10. JohnyD

    Rate it

    This work is excellent, I relly like the choice of colors. Does he have a place where he shows more works, facebook, devianart?
  11. I never watched Jojos, but now many friends are recommending it. They flood social networks with all that memes and poses. I want to give it a try.
  12. We all now, that Fortnite is free to play, and they earn money if you buy things in game. Well, before of the famous Battle Royal mode that make a hit from the game, it all started with a Single player mode and a physical copy of the game, yes you could buy it in stores instead of download it. With the Battle Royal update the game became a hit, free and downlable, so physical copies are very rare. People are buying this for $500 to $1000 or more. So if you bought a copy, you have now a fancy collection item!
  13. Sony has the rights of Spider-Man movies, he in Disney/Marvel movies is a exception they accorded, and this game will be published by Sony, it has to be exclusive. It could be possible to have a mobile version as God of War had before, but is unlikely.
  14. Well, you couldnt play it anyway, the game will be released in november. In the E3 Nintendo showed a lot of cool stuff, this game will revoultionate Pokémon franchise
  15. The legend continues... The famous franchise is back, as many people wanted. The Last of Us Part II is here with a new history, more action, more of our favourite survivors, more cinematics. The game looks awesome, and you could play it soon
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