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  1. Ok, the video looks legit and all, but still its very hard to belive for me, even if I had paranoral experience before.
  2. Nothiing really nasty. Pasting hilarious news in newpapers with innuendos and so... But the worst was fake memos that apperead to be real causing confusion even to teachers.
  3. Basically always Wondows, I used Xp for years, becuase was better than Vista, then 7 came, then used 7 by years, because 8 was no so good, then 10 in one machine and 7 in other.
  4. I prefer Facebook, I am more familiar with it, but I have to learn Instagram for bussines reaosns, but I am vey lazy bout pictures.
  5. I have two guitars (Gibson and Yamaha) and drums (Tama), rock n roll lover
  6. California, I am from hispanic descent too, grandparents are from USA, Spinard and Mexico
  7. I think for streaming Twitch is most popular option and is already very targeted. For watching, both, both have interesting styles.
  8. best horror movie?

    Really a cool scene. The movie is good. My favourite horror movie is The Thing, I love such kind of fear atmosphere more than the monster itself. Also other classics as The Shinning, and Child Play (just the first one, the sequels are really comedic).
  9. No problem, but I think the face cam make a funnier experience, its more immersive and personal.
  10. Before you buy series (and similar) looks very useful, sometimes game are dissapointing, but not always the reviewer thiunk tha same that yours, they can bash a game, but you anyway try it and you like it.
  11. Soccer, indeed I call it football like its creators meant to be. Second favourite is baseball. I watch box from time to time, and of course I always watch the Olympic Games.
  12. I didnt want to use a videogame character name, I did it in the past, but now I want to use more real, my name is John, I used it in my username.
  13. Samsung S4, and really took my time to buy my first smartphone, since I pass most of my day in PC, I never feel really the need until that time, but its really useful.
  14. My avatar isnt based in my name. Megaman 11 was announced I wanna know more of this game, becuase I love Megaman games (besides other games).
  15. Hi everybody

    Thanks everybody for your words. I haven see you in the other threads, you are real cool people.
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