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  1. Yeah I believe that ghosts are real but a lot of the photos out there can be easily faked or photoshopped so it’s hard to trust pictures nowadays, but I think some of them could be real
  2. I absolutely loved the first game in the series but the second one seemed off to me, so I hope the third one can be better than the last, or I feel like it’s going to ruin the series
  3. I never really got into Resident Evil games but this remake does look pretty good, I might try out the series to see if I like it before the remake releases
  4. In the kingdom of Kettlecornia, a hero named Zebra Mustard IV began his epic journey to discover the secrets of his depressing, yet fulfilling past
  5. Apparently Battlefield 5 will have a Battle Royale as well, I hope they don’t ruin their games just to fit in with the new trends though
  6. In the kingdom of Kettlecornia, a hero named Zebra Mustard IV began his epic journey to discover
  7. kettlecornia, a hero named,
  8. I just got this game a few days ago and it’s a lot of fun if you’re playing with someone, not sure if it would be a fun game to play solo though
  9. I love the look of this game, the artistic style of it and the feeling you get just from watching the trailer is already enough to get me interested
  10. Where we landing boys?
  11. I don’t know if they seem overpriced but it seems like every time I go to a vending machine, they don’t have good guns. They are always going to be gray or green for me lol
  12. Oh this is actually a great question, I think a lot of games would work good as tv shows but I think Far Cry would be a really good show, I don’t know which one would be the best to use, but if they based it off of 3 that would be great
  13. This would be so awesome for the gaming community, everyone loved Splinter Cell and I believe if they made a newer one, gamers from then and now will come to enjoy it. Oh and did I mention that I just really love Splinter Cell? ?
  14. I really like the art style for this game, it’s really cool to me because you don’t see many game developers go this type of route with graphics but I think it looks really cool and I might just try it out!
  15. Okay THIS game looks amazing! I really cannot wait to get my hands on this game the second I’m able too, it looks really interesting. I love open world games so I wanna see how much I can play it until I do everything you can in the game.
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