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  1. I use to record Bandicam is very good.
  2. Yellow Mellow is one of the most famous youtuber which is your favorite?
  3. I know friend anyway, thanks, I already rule the rules
  4. You're welcome, I like to help.
  5. Idamarisgamer


    the forum I'm not going to deny it I like but it would not look better if the "gameNader" with the grenade the background was better in black?
  6. I just platinum games that I really enjoy and that do not require ridiculous trophies, I do not like to be competitive
  7. They should add that feature to the new PlayStation as it is, waste of money
  8. the mercenaries an incredible movie
  9. demon's night 1 and 2 and I conjure 1 and 2 <3
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