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  1. Kigsman

    I'm new.

    Thank's friend.
  2. Kigsman

    GameNader Giveaway!

    What a good opportunity this forums gives, seeing their notifications and information, I found this. Luck is for losers, I SUCCEED everyone involved!
  3. Kigsman

    Rate it

    In my youth I got to practice skating, but then I was leaving it. I think it's an excellent sport.
  4. Minecraft is a game of little graphic but excellent game. I like it and GTA singler.
  5. I use to record my games in: Fraps, Bandicam and Unico.
  6. For my taste, the Mungstan TG. Elegant, classic and veils.
  7. Friends, depending on the product status. But seeing that it is in good condition, it should be between 150 $ - 200 $. There are pages that you can find out more about the price.
  8. For me, coffee, an excellent enigma, and I like it here tomorrow.
  9. The technology is becoming more and more advanced each day, because it is not a great surprise to see that video, but excellent invention by man.
  10. I think the GTA is one of the games with quite reality and good graphics, and requires good resources on the PC.
  11. Nor am I a person who sees the Streamer online, but sometimes I can see some parts and I think it's good.
  12. Excellent game, for my taste it's good, I have not been able to play it, but I've seen videos that do, and I think it's excellent. Excellent SunKnight video.
  13. Visually the hot dog carries the same characteristic as a sandwich, but they are not really the same, and I would say that the hot dog would be grouped into junk food and sandwich in healthy food (depending on how you prepare it).
  14. For me, the Netflix series, the best ones are: 3% Dark Mindhunter
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