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    What device or software do you use to record your gameplay? I have been looking into an Elgato but would like some suggestions.
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    Thanks for your suggestion, we will take it into consideration! The forum and the site itself are very young, so we are still tailoring many of the features and looks but we do appreciate any comment we get!
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    As stated before, the posts need to be of HIGH QUALITY, so posting generic, random replies in order to pass the required threshold will not be tolerated anymore, and will lead to disqualification from the raffle, moderation of you future posts and/or forum ban. Good luck!
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    welcome to gamenader.
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    Welcome to Gamenader!
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    hi welcome to the forums hope you enjoy it :^)
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    Welcome to GameNader Sami!
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    hello welcome to the forum
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    Since I have an AMD card, I use Radeon Relive. Before I used to use OBS for recording though.
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    Very useful, I never recorded my gamplays but I think I have a good idea for a youtube channel, not focused in gameplay, but would use some game footage.
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    I have used shadowplay for recording and the videos come out great, but I can say the same for OBS when configured correctly.Lastly, if you only want to record your game and your voice, Shadowplay is amazing, easy to setup and works flawlessly. If you want long term customization, don't mind some weird flukes and would like some added flexibility, OBS is the right choice.
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    To you, what is important in the production of a good video? What editing needs to be done? Fancy cutaways? Facecam? For me, I feel more attracted to gamers who show their face.

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