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    Rate my build. It took me 2 days to cut it and 2 days to connect everything. It's running raspberry pi.
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    What device or software do you use to record your gameplay? I have been looking into an Elgato but would like some suggestions.
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    Welcome to GameNader Sami!
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    hello welcome to the forum
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    Im excited for the nintendo and bethesta presentations what are you most excited for?
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    hello welcome to the forum
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    Hello everyone, my name is Luis eduardo and I am from venezuela, I am 19 years old, I was invited to this awesome forum by my friend "Xenom" I really love gaming things and I would like to get a great pc some day, haha xD, nice to meet you all!
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    Welcome to the forum Luis ! 👍🏻
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    Hello Louis and welcome to GameNader! For a second i thought you were my old high school friend, as his name was also Louis and he was from Caracas, but you are much younger then him tho
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    I agree with this. Both the original Outlast and the DLC were awesome and very disturbing! I would really like to try playing them in VR lol
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    Since I have an AMD card, I use Radeon Relive. Before I used to use OBS for recording though.
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    Very useful, I never recorded my gamplays but I think I have a good idea for a youtube channel, not focused in gameplay, but would use some game footage.
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    It could be possible, but 3rd party characters are never a priority, we had a lot of foreign characters in past games, but tehay have a ralation with Nintendo in any way. Ryu and Megaman, classic heroes from the 80s in Nintendo consoles. Bayonetta, Nintendo produced last game. Pac-man because Namco was involved. Snake, old school NES hero, and Kojima requested it. Sonic, SEGA is Nintendos fried. And even if Cloud never did anything important in Nintendo, the first six Final Fantasy games appeared in NES and SuperNES, so Nintendo and Square have a history together. Undertale is very popular and they could considere it.
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    i like it better than tilted being destroyed than all of a sudden fixed, its neat how they want to take the time to build things up or change things overtime and not just happen immediately
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    The Elders Scrolls - Skyrim would make a great movie.
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    i don't think so, it makes a sound and flashes in the air when you are going to someone, its really just based on reaction time and how fast you can build in i certain amount of time
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    I have used shadowplay for recording and the videos come out great, but I can say the same for OBS when configured correctly.Lastly, if you only want to record your game and your voice, Shadowplay is amazing, easy to setup and works flawlessly. If you want long term customization, don't mind some weird flukes and would like some added flexibility, OBS is the right choice.
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    To you, what is important in the production of a good video? What editing needs to be done? Fancy cutaways? Facecam? For me, I feel more attracted to gamers who show their face.
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    I personally think it’s worth the money for Zelda alone, it’s an amazing game on tier with the Witcher 3
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    Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here ??
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    I think that first two Resident Evil movies were aceptable and similar to game, but then the next movies were too different and less about survival and more like superhero. The first Mortal Kombat movie was not so bad.

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