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Found 6 results

  1. love indian food btw Indian is probably the most popular type of food. We have something like 10, 000 Indian restaurants, which is quite a lot if you consider the size of the UK relative to the US I've watched a few videos on youtube of Americans going to "Indian restaurants" in the US, and at least of the videos I've seen, they all look to be pretty poor in comparison to a good restaurant in the UK. I guess we're lucky in that regard over here.
  2. I really like the designs of Lamborghini... Really interested in their upcoming electric car! (lamborghini terzo elemento)
  3. i think Facebook is much more powerful with more features and love the ad feature too, though we probably need both and do the marketing from facebook.
  4. I feel better (mentally and physically) when I'm in shape and active. So I keep trying to feel the best, by being as healthy as possible, and fitness is a factor. (Cardio, strength, flexibility.) That's the primary reason. I also like how I look better when I'm active, so that's the secondary reason/bonus.
  5. ok i'll start here is mine "I hope you survive a horrible car crash and then somehow don't survive a small fender bender on the way back from the hospital" -Bo Burnham
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