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  1. Water tables not refreshingMassive choke point on the highway entrances
  2. i will admit the multi city thing is still shit they never even got it working, but trains work fine
  3. whats broken about it, please list actual problems
  4. simcity is far from broken, it was broken at launch but not anymore. and cities skylines and sim city both just turn into traffic simulator after bout an hour.
  5. I played it for ten minutes and had no idea what I was doing. I found it frustrating, which meant it wasn't enjoyable for me. I much prefer Sim City even with all it's bugs - which is an unpopular opinion, but that's how I feel.
  6. Try the race for the Galaxy app. It's digital crack it's so good
  7. The Resistance. Experienced gamers love it, my in laws love it, everybody loves it. I think it's at around ~170 plays.
  8. I get the same. I quit for 118 days last year and ever since have not regressed to playing a lot. I mainly go on Rocket League as the games only last 5 mins and a good amount of my mates play. Keep it up!
  9. I read it. I'm really interested in why you feel so compelled. Even in your other post you don't really explain the why aspect. How does your real-life situation affect your compulsion to do this to people in games?
  10. Can you elaborate on why you get pleasure from 'ruining' the game for others?
  11. The legs I would recommend would be Adils (non adjustable), Olov (adjustable) or Gerton (adjustable). I personally have a gerton table-top instead of the hammarp counter-top as its not quite as wide. The Hammarp is 74" wide I think, while the gerton is 60" I think. The gerton fits my two 25" monitors and Fractal Design Define S with some room to spare.
  12. Yeah, those you'll have to buy separately and mount them on the underside yourself. Certainly worth it to me because you'll save quite a bit iirc
  13. The drawers are just cheap wood product (particleboard), but they're sturdy enough to hold the countertop and last you a few years, at least. And even with the 6' countertop, you'll have plenty of room for you PC on the desk with a dual monitor setup, your PS4 and also leaving some extra space
  14. Omg that's genius I've been looking for a long desk and there isn't any out there long enough for me!
  15. What kind of games are you talking about? If you're trying to get the latest high-end games for free then the only way to do that is through internet piracy
  16. 'm interested in something in the price range of $free.99.
  17. Sounds awesome. How do you download your games safely without knowing they are infected. I would like some safe games for my PC. Care to share any links? Thanks.
  18. This 100% I've worked in IT for over ten years and I haven't used an antivirus in YEARS, I never get viruses. The only things protecting my computer are microsoft security essentials and the adblocker in my browser. If you don't open sketchy emails or click on pop-ups you will be just fine honestly.
  19. It took me a while but I am on board with the sandwich analogy now; I get it haha! One of my favourite parts of my brief is that the environment that I am basing the game on is actually just one annexed city
  20. I will take a look at both those games, thanks for the advice. I have heard both of their names but never looked into them.
  21. That was one of the ideas that I had, I wanted to see if I could make them out of shadows. So they took the shape of different fears, spiders for example. I felt that this would give the feeling that they were always there, looming over the characters.
  22. Exactly what I was hoping for haha! So far so good! I am only in the very early stages. Gathering my primary and secondary reference points, doing some photoshoots to gather character reference and clothing inspiration
  23. You hit the nail on the head. The game I am currently making artwork for is a post apocalyptic game but instead of using zombies as the monster which several of my other class mates have decided to do, I have used "Nightmares".
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