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  1. Give us this year Sm4sh Deluxe with 3DS+WiiU content combined + 2-3 new characters and then develop a new one (which takes quite a few years)
  2. I hope it's more of an RPG than both The Division and Destiny. That's what I'd expect from Bioware anyway.
  3. They made a special edition with RF3 and RF4, so... who knows.
  4. Whoever thought Chain Chomp should be in a Mario Tennis game deserves a raise. This is brilliant.
  5. There is no upscaling if that's what you're asking. They play in their original Wii resolutions.
  6. Not surprising. Why announce yet another fighting game? Arms and Pokken are enough for now. We don't need to get inundated with fighting games.
  7. Looks like Nintendo's code is only looking for the day and month you last played the game and figuring out the time since then. It's ignoring the year.
  8. They dump all this dev time into a game that will sell half of what Splatoon 2 sells and people will bitch that it took too long to make.
  9. Does the Metroid Prime Trilogy count? It was on the eShop.If not, Super Mario Maker!
  10. Best of luck to you man, hope this is over soon for you and you can just concentrate on life and playing games..
  11. I play about 95% docked. I love it!
  12. I've started collecting so my list is gonna change. But so far...Crash Bandicoot: WarpedCrash Team RacingSpyro: Year of the DragonHeart of DarknessApe Escape
  13. I've actually been wanting this for a while. It would be cool if they let us turn on notifications for when games go on sale too.
  14. Sony should be streaming the PSNow games with the DLC included TBH.
  15. My guess is that it’s either a glitch in the system after the recent update or maybe it’s possible that they’re putting them on the PS Now service to push that more.
  16. Pretty crazy that you can buy a game only to have half of it (online multiplayer/co-op) taken away in the future. I'm surprised there has never been a class action.
  17. If I get them while playing, I'm happy. If I don't I don't go out of my way to hunt them down.
  18. Valiant Hearts The Great War is a beautiful game about a man's struggles in World War 1. It was such a touching story
  19. That doesn't mean that some games are bad. Just that some are a little better than the other.
  20. 49 so far, some i'm proud of, others not so much...
  21. For online speeds not the issue its ping&packets lost. You could have the highest speeds and still lag etc due to ping&packets
  22. 1: Bloodborne 2: Persona 5 3: Last guardian 4: The last of us
  23. It's called factory defect. It happens with every electronic and mass-produced device out there. Cars, TVs, computers, etc.
  24. It really is a good game. Lot of unnecessary hate. Especially now that most of the problems have been patched
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