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  2. A hotdog is some meat combined into a sausage so a hotdog is a topping on a sandwich technically so yes a hotdog IN a bun is a sandwich
  3. hmm i think who dislikes GTA4 and has never completed it. I disliked the story, characters, as well as the player and vehicle handling. I've never even made it to the second island, despite four different attempts. I greatly prefer GTA5. I rank them like this: GTA3, GTA: Liberty City Stories, GTA5, GTA: San Andreas.
  4. hello my friends

    Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum. I hope to see you around and reading your posts.
  5. I don't have Instagram or Twitter, so Facebook wins by default.
  6. Could I use a AMD Ryzen 5 1500 or 1600 and it not mess up anything on this pc? Will it only make the FPS better and not harm the pc?
  7. do you belive on this pics?? what do you think?
  8. my Xbox.been crashing when I play games for like 5seconds then it comes back plus my dashboard will freeze for like 20 seconds but the strange thing is if I hold the Xbox button on my pad it says I can turn off Xbox and turn the pad.off
  9. Just watched The Force Awakens for the second time, I definitely enjoyed it better than the first time I watched it.
  10. Three-way tie between Batman, Jurassic Park, and Ghostbusters
  11. Vice City, I've been wanting a new GTA in Vice City since IV.
  12. Ninja the only one i enjoy watching ( and i tried a lot of them ) is 72hrs , too bad he doesnt play the game anymore
  13. MMA. You get the best of both worlds...stand up and ground work. Both of which can be a thing of beauty.
  14. the most channel with a lot of subs that i saw is...... Justin Bieber... he has 38M subs but after this vid.. pewdiepie has more o-o
  15. My dog is called Roxy. Short for Rocksteady from TMNT.
  16. Tarka dal- very simple but everyone has their own way of preparing it to their own tastes. Other than that I like Goan cookery. Sorpotel is a particular favourite and unusual for an Indian recipe because it's made from pork.
  17. Three I think, Horizon and Infamous Second Son & First Light. Plats are cool if you can get most of the trophies throughout the course of the story, but I don't put much extra time into a game just to get them.
  18. Logic, Russ, and J Cole. I know this sub hates Logic and Russ but I like their music a lot.
  19. Matt Fraction, Kieron Gillen, and Al Ewing are all the same person or are all ghostwritten by the same person (or one ghostwrites the other two)
  20. An android, because when my iPhone stopped working, I could only afford the second best thing
  21. Conkers bad fur day, It changed how I viewed games when it came out. First time I saw profanity in Nintendo console. Not to mention it has super funny dialogue, good story and EPIC multiplayer.
  22. iZombie Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Brooklyn Nine-Nine Lovesick Queer Eye Archer Altered Carbon
  23. "Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted." - Emerson
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