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    Killing Floor: Incursion Comes To PSVR On May 1

    On May 1, the popular VR title, Killing Floor: Incursion is set to release on PS4, utilizing PSVR. As of now, the violent and terrifying virtual reality game was only available for PC, requiring either Oculus Rift or HTC Vive Headsets. Killing Floor: Incursion comes from developer Tripwire Interactive, who is responsible for the Tripwire franchise, Red Orchestra, and Rising Storm.

    From Tripwire Interactive:

    "...Based on the multi-million unit selling action horror franchise Killing Floor, Killing Floor: Incursion takes the action horror genre to the next level with a fully-realized, made-for-VR, story-driven adventure. Play alone or with a friend in co-op mode, explore diverse environments from creepy farmhouses to high-tech facilities — and fight to survive against the horrific Zed hordes with a variety of weapons, including pistols, shotguns, axes, and even the occasional leftover limb."

    While the PC game struggles with a few bugs, players are quick to applaud the over the top horror experience brought to life by VR — it appears that most of the positives outweigh any complaints, and update patches have successfully solved many issues.

    An intriguing critical review of Killing Floor: Incursion reads: “A game forcing me to chuckle to myself after nearly needing to change my underwear from the last combat sequence is never a bad thing.”


    Killing Floor: Incursion takes place in the established Killing Floor universe. You play as a Horzine soldier who has been wounded in combat in a bloody battle with the Zeds. Because you can't risk further injury while you heal, you are placed in a simulation. You're guided through the simulation by Horzine officer Emma Rose and must battle hordes of the genetically modified monsters. It may be "just" a simulation, but with your brain in the mix, if you die too many times you run the risk of going completely insane.

    The original Killing Floor: Incursion has five levels of story-based gameplay, but PS4 players will have access to a sixth level, titled The Crucible. The story campaign is a fully-narrated immersive experience, in which you seek answers about Horzine and their mysterious relationship with the Zeds. It's unsure yet how The Crucible will fit into the story, or if it represents something of an epilogue; it promises to be a full level addition to the game.

    The number of games available for VR play is still relatively low. However, as more high-quality games are introduced to the market, developers and publishers are in close competition, forcing one another to raise the bar on gameplay, graphics, and overall experience. By moving Killing Floor: Incursion to PS4, Tripwire interactive is accessing a new group of players and hopefully building a fanbase for their particular brand of VR, early on.

    While VR games aren't on everybody's radar, yet, they are likely more than just a fad. In the past, games that relied completely on extra hardware to play came off as clunky and gimmicky, but the idea of VR has been around for a long time. As VR headsets become more accessible to the gaming masses, it is likely that VR gaming will become an integral part of the gaming landscape somewhere in the near future.

    Watch the Killing Floor: Incursion PSVR Announcement Trailer below:




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