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    Check Out The Original Gameplay Footage of The Cancelled Prey 2

    The 2017 reboot of the horror shooter Prey has little to do with the original 2006 award-winning game of the same name. Besides the similar opening sequence, in which the main character looks at himself in the bathroom mirror, and the fact that both installments are about fighting aliens, the two games are story-wise completely different. There are no reoccurring characters and besides a few references to the original game, such the famous red wrench being the first obtainable weapon, the two Preys don’t seem to be set in the same universe at all.

    The original Prey sequel, which was known as Prey 2, was in development for 5 years before being cancelled in 2014. Prey 2 was supposed to tie into the the story of the first game and follow US Air Marshal Killian Samuels whose plane crash lands and its passengers disappear during the events of the original game. A number of years into the future, Killian has established himself as a bounty hunter on an alien plan Exodus, with no recollection of what happened following his disappearance from the Earth. That is when he meets the original Prey’s protagonist Domasi “Tommy” Tawodi, a Cherokee Indian who stopped the initial alien invasion of Earth but returned back into the outer space at the conclusion of the first installment. From there Tommy was supposed to assist Killian in regaining his memories and discover what happened to him following his departure from the home planet.



    These two were supposed to be blasting aliens together, damn you Bethesda for ruining the friendship!

    Unfortunately, the comradery between the two characters never came to be, and the only thing we got from Prey 2 was few concept arts pictures, two short gameplay videos and a badass trailer which showed Killian pursuing one of his bounties. Just recently did a new gameplay video emerge on the twitter account of Andrew Borman, the curator at the Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. The trailer shows some incredible action sequences using a variety of weapons, as well as certain game mechanics, such as target mapping, shooting from cover and sliding, all of which would’ve presumably been implemented in the final release. Worthy of note are the awesome graphics for the time and the intense background battle music.

    Although the 2017 Prey is an incredible game by itself, the original Prey fans can only look at this footage with sentiment of what Prey 2 could’ve been and hope that Bethesda might change their minds and start working on rebooting the original sequel in the future.

    Check out the newly discovered gameplay of the cancelled Prey 2 underneath:










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