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    Yoku's Island Express Available Today For Pre-Order. Watch The Brand New Trailer!

    Team17 and independent developer Villa Gorilla are gearing up for the release of Yoku's Island Express, coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on the 29th of May. After the May release, it will be available as a digital game only, but a physical edition of the game will be in stores on June 19th. 

    Yoku's Island Express is described as a "charming pinball platformer" that tells the story of hero Yoku the Dungbeetle. He has ventured to Mokumana Island to relieve the resident pterodactyl postmaster of his duties. He's looking forward to living the easy life — performing his duties and soaking in the sun, relaxing, and enjoying all the island has to offer. But, it isn't long before Yoku notices that something is amiss on Mokumana island. The islanders, a colorful, quirky cast of characters are the victims of quakes and storms, caused by The Godslayer. He has risen again and disturbed the sleep of the ancient island deity, Mokuma.

    From Team17:

    "It’s all down to Yoku to traverse the island using a unique blend of pinball mechanics and open world exploration, in an amazing quest to help those in need! Flip and bump our pint-sized protagonist around the stunning hand-painted island on your quest to rebuild the post-office, discover the mystery of the Fruit Altar, and wake an old god from its deep slumber."




    Utilizing non-linear gameplay, Yoku's Island Express allows players to forge their own path through the multiple quest lines. From the look of the trailers and screenshots released by Team17, it looks beautifully colorful and wonderfully unique. There appears to be a diverse world and landscape to explore. In addition, a lot of time has been invested in the story, which promises to add depth and richness. On his journey, Yoku encounters characters great and small. As he helps each one, he transforms from postman looking for the simple life to an intrepid explorer, adventurer, and hero. Early reviews are positive and highlight the game's addictive gameplay formula as well as the bright, uplifting overall tone.




    The collaboration of Team17 and the developers at Villa Gorilla appear to be a match made in heaven. “With Team17 we’ve found a publishing partner that cherishes innovation and style – something we recognized way back when we played Alien Breed on our Amigas. We feel that their commitment to quality and fun gameplay is a perfect match for us, and we are incredibly excited to be working with Debbie and the team to finish and release Yoku’s Island Express.” said Jens Andersson, Co-Founder of Villa Gorilla

    Debbie Bestwick, MBE, CEO of Team17 added, “Yoku’s Island Express has such a beautiful, distinct style with a unique twist on the platform genre. It’s a true gem, we’re looking forward to working with the very talented Villa Gorilla and welcome them to our growing games label family.”

    Just in time for the pre-order, there's a new trailer that gives anxious players more insight into the story of Yoku's arrival on Mokumana Island.


    Watch the latest trailer below:


    Yoku's Island Adventure is available May 29th for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC .


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    User Feedback

    I haven’t heard of the game until now but it actually looks like it could be a ton of fun to just relax and play when you feel like it, I might look into it more because it looks interesting 

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