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    Want a Game That Will Make You Feel Like a Cryptographer? Check Out Cypher, a First Person Indie Puzzle Game

    Long time ago when I was still a teen and when I had absolutely no worries in the world, I enjoyed coming home late at night after school and wind myself up by playing some video games. Most of the nights before going to bed, I would play a couple of rounds of Counter Strike 1.6 or would accompany James Sunderland in exploring the foggy town of Silent Hill.

    Now that I am a bit older, the last thing I want upon coming home from an entire day of adulting, is to be called noob by some hormonal kid on de_dust2 or be chased around by the Pyramid Head and faceless mannequin nurses in the rusty Otherworld.

    As such I have settled down with some more relaxing games before bedtime and Cypher is one of those games.  

    Cypher is an indie first-person puzzle game which was fully developed and published by Matthew Brown. The main purpose of the game is to explore a virtual museum of cryptography and solve different puzzles spread across multiple rooms. Each room includes puzzles which have been encrypted by different methods ranging from simple steganography up to the World War Two-era Enigma machine and on. Along with the puzzles, the museum walls are filled with interesting facts about the history of Cryptography, explanations of how different methods work as well as hints meant to assist the player in solving the puzzles.


    The Cryptography museum is graphically very interesting and the white marble-like floors and walls add to the feelings of calmness and mystery.

    Puzzles range from simple, straightforward ones all the way to mind numbing examples which will take a lot of effort and time in order to be solved. As every puzzle allows for only one hint, the process of solving can get rather challenging so expect to have some great Eureka! moments upon the discovery of the code-breaking pattern.


    Yes, there is a hidden word there.

    I have so far completed only the first room of 8 steganography puzzles which took me about 3 hours of gameplay time. As there are 5 more rooms with 8 puzzles each, I am fairly certain that this game will take much more time in order to be finished. Nevertheless, the excellent background classical music which includes scores such as Clair de Lune and Moonlight Sonata, and the feeling of success after solving a difficult puzzle is sure to make this game worthwhile.

    The Cypher is available on Steam for 4.99$.



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    User Feedback

    6 minutes ago, Wolf said:

    That game actually looks really.... interesting

    It really is, especially if you are into cryptography and puzzles. The museum also really reminds me of the setting of the stealth game Echo.

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    2 hours ago, Gillian Pemberton said:

    I love puzzle games — I'm definitely giving this one a try! Thanks!

    No problem, it's a wonderful game with some great music!

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