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    Unicorn Dungeon Is An Absurdist Point And Click Adventure That I Have To Play

    Last year was the first time Unicorn Dungeon appeared on my radar, in the form of an itchio devlog by the game's creator, Stand Off Software. It was the title that grabbed my attention first because you don't often see the words "unicorn" and "dungeon" together in the same place.

    Described as "an absurdist comedy point & click adventure game set in the strange (and often silly) magical land of Artovya", Unicorn Dungeon looks like a silly romp that is heavy on the ridiculous entertainment and light on the actual skill required to play. It's meant to be bizarre, irreverent, and unquestionably odd, and in a world of games that share the same mechanics and similar storylines, it's refreshing to come across something completely different. The best part about embracing creative absurdity is that it removes many of the traditional limitations placed on games, as long as the writer is willing to embrace it — Unicorn Dungeon appears to have not only embraced it, but made the craziness a constant companion.

    The first chapter in a planned six chapters, there are no limits placed on genre either throughout the series. Unicorn Dungeon may be primarily a point & click adventure, but brings in elements from turned-based dungeon crawlers and future chapters will include an even wider range of gameplay and mechanics. 


    From Stand Off Software:

    "King Haldrin is dying…

    Whoever successfully brings a unicorn to the castle will be crowned the next king of Artovya. Only one person has what it takes. And that person is… well, who knows? No one’s done it yet. I just assume someone will at some point. In any case, play Unicorn Dungeon and follow the adventures of Sir Typhil of Creulor, one of many to take up the challenge.

    Artovya can be quite a silly place what with roving hordes of hillbilly goblins and trolls who are usually too drunk to murder, but this quest is no laughing matter. Finding a unicorn is not a task for the weak. It takes perseverance and determination the likes of which few mortals possess."


    Throughout their journey, players are sure to encounter weird characters and unexplainably crazy situations. You will have to solve puzzles, rescue a princess from goblins, and defeat the dungeon beasts. It's a unique adventure rife with tropes but peppered with humor inspired by the comedy of Monty Python and Firesign Theater. The visuals aren't particularly stunning, but my hope it is the story and humor that will bring Unicorn Dungeon to life.

    Unicorn Dungeon sounds delightfully confusing and since this is only the first chapter, I'm hoping it will be an introduction to a new series that is a respite from uninspired, repetitive storytelling. I'm always willing to give new indie titles a shot, especially if they don't take themselves too seriously. If humor is their strong suit, they shouldn't be afraid to lean into it. Somehow, Unicorn Dungeon will have to find a way to exist in the gray area between uniquely creative and too strange to make any sense. At any rate, it's only $4.99 on Steam .

    Watch the release trailer below:


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