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    Take Advantage Of Shrapnel Games' Memorial Day Sale – All Military Games Discounted Thru May 28th

    Spring is heating up, which means Summer is right around the corner. That means soon it will be pool days, barbecues, and trips to the beach. Short shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits are the wardrobe of the season. It's time for road trips, adventures, and stargazing under the Summer sky. Okay, maybe Summer is like that for some people, but not for me. I don't like the sun, shorts, or hot weather. I don't really like pools and the beach is all sandy. If you're one of those folks who loves Summer and the oppressive weather that comes with it, I think that's awesome. But, I'll be in my hoodie, playing games in the air conditioning. 

    The beginning of the Summer season is marked by Memorial Day, which since 1971 has been on the last Monday of every May. Just a little history lesson: The first national Memorial Day was in 1868, but was called Decoration Day. It was started to memorialize those who died in the Civil War, but later the name was changed and it became a day to honor those who died in all wars. Though we celebrate with barbecues and a long weekend, it is a somewhat solemn occasion.

    So, to recognize the soldiers who died defending our country, Shrapnel Games a premier publisher of war games and strategy games, is having a Memorial Day sale, but only on their war games. The sale has already begun and lasts through May 28th. In addition, Shrapnel Games always offers a 10% discount to active duty and retired military members. Visit their website for more information


    Here's a sample of the games included in the sale:

    Air Assault Task Force for $33.95.  "Who doesn't like helicopters? Even better, helicopters swooping out of the sky and creating havoc?" A realistic war game featuring helicopters from Vietnam to Afghanistan.

    ATF: Armored Task Force for $22.95. Tank action throughout the world, with real-time gameplay and high-fidelity maps. 

    Battle Group Commander: Episode One for $9.95. ProSIM title featuring a British Battle Group facing off against Soviets. Episode One is a mini-game from ProSIM, focusing on four scenarios that have a high level of replayability. A mini game with of the features that ProSIM is known for.

    BCT: Commander for $14.95. A hyper-realistic simulation of modern ground combat.

    The Falklands War: 1982 for $33.95. A "fascinating" simulation from ProSIM, focused on infantry. Intricately detailed modeling in the historical campaign and hypothetical variants.

    Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War for $33.95. A hypothetical look at what would happen if another war started on the Korean peninsula. An open campaign system allows players to jump to any battle they wish. 

    Salvo! for $33.95. Send your opponents to Davey Jones' locker in this thrilling wargame of 17th through 19th century Age of Sail combat on the high seas.

    The Star and the Crescent for $33.95. ProSIM takes on the Middle East — focused on hypothetical wargaming between the Israelis and the Arabs.

    War Plan Pacific for $34.95. This revolutionary wargame covers the entire war in the Pacific from US entry until the atomic bomb, playable in a single session. Simple mechanics, historical strategy, with single and multiplayer games.

    winSPWW2 and winSPMBT Main Battle Tank Enhanced Editions, each only $34.95.  Based on the classic Steel Panthers engine, winSPWW2 and winSPMBT together provide gamers with almost a century of turn-based land warfare. With hundreds of scenarios, campaigns, and the ability to generate quick battles, both games have extensive replay value.

    World Supremacy for $21.95. Board game feel in a computer game, this game is, in fact, a battle to take over the world.

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