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    Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena Gets 3 New Monsters And A Brand New Esport Mode!

    Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena, or just "Tactical Monsters" as it's commonly called, is a turn-based strategy game played on a hex grid. Players place their "monsters" on the board and control their actions during gameplay. Battles last 3-5 minutes each and it's a great game for casual players and players who are willing to put more time and effort will be rewarded with more powerful monsters. Of course, like most free to play games, a bit of money will allow you to collect more and stronger monsters. While there's nothing wrong with this common system, it often means that those that can't spend a lot of money on a game or don't have as much time to commit will struggle to compete with the players who do. When it becomes impossible to win games, those players may simply move on to a different game or quit playing altogether.

    To keep players and to deal with this common issue, Camex Games, Tactical Monsters' developer, has updated the game with a PvP esports mode. The esports mode caps the level of players to make player matchmaking more balanced and PvP in this mode is more "fair", more in line with the spirit of esports. In my opinion, this is a fantastic improvement to an already strong, playable game. In addition to the PvP modes, Tactical Monsters features a single-player Adventure Mode, a Guerrilla Warfare mode (a series of gauntlet runs against some of the game's bosses), Clans, a Mine Defense mode, and more. It features real-time, online multiplayer competition with a diverse cast of monsters from all over time and the universe.




    As an added bonus to the new esports mode, Camex has announced three all-new monsters. Players have a FREE chance to win the newbies by participating in the new PvP mode.

    #1 “HOGGY” The Tunneling Expert (Traditional Worker):

    "Despite his funny face, Hoggy is a formidable tactician mole. He digs tunnels every he goes! Watch where you step, be careful not to fall into his potholes!"



    #2 “W51” The Malfunctioning Machine (AI Worker):

    "W51 is a totally unstable powerful robot, his final self-destruct explosion causes major damage to enemies around him!"



    #3 “SANKA“ The Forest Drummer:

    "Sanka is the Big sister of the mysterious forest triplets (along with Hunka and Bunka). The sound of her drums provides her team with extra strength... Be discreet or her cougar will devour you! Use all three sisters together to gain major team benefits!"



    Collect and strategize your strongest teams with these three new monsters and more than 40 other monsters available in the game. Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is perfect for players that enjoy turned-based strategy and games with hero collecting and leveling. The addition of an esports mode illustrates the developer's commitment to their players through fair gameplay modes while continuing the popular uncapped PvP mode for players who strive to build the strongest teams of monsters. The monsters themselves are clever and varied, with entertaining histories and unique abilites.

    Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is available for Mac, PC, and mobile.


    Watch the trailer below:


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