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    Serious Sam 4 is in Development and This Crazy Trailer Confirms It!

                There is only one video game series that features a headless kamikaze who can somehow scream at the top of his lungs while running at you with two bombs glued to his hands. Those are the series of the Serious Sam games, and a new, fourth installment was just confirmed for it.

    For those unaware, the first Serious Sam game was released back in 2001 and featured FPS gameplay where the game’s main protagonist Sam, had to fight hordes of aliens attempting to invade the Earth. The Egyptian desert setting was rather unique for the time, with many of the famous historic monuments such as the Luxor and the Pyramids of Giza appearing as playable areas.

    The gameplay was an interesting mix of the already popular games such as Doom and Quake. The stages were quite large and open, so the game mechanics featured Quake-like dodging and jumping while spraying enemies with bullets from large weapons reminded gamers of Doom. The crazy enemy design, such as the mentioned Beheaded Kamikaze or the Gatling-gun wielding Scorpions, combined with quirky violent humor propelled this game to one of the most recognizable first-person shooters of the time.

    The time of the release significantly helped Serious Sam’s popularity as well. Considering that in 2001, Doom 2 was seven years old, that Quake 3: Arena was turning two and that Duke Nukem, a potential rival to the franchise, was stuck in its 5th year of development hell, it is no wonder that Serious Sam, a game that combined all three, gained recognition in the gaming world.

    Over the next 17 years, Serious Sam got two more official sequels, two HD remakes, as well as a number of spin-offs, short indie installments and VR-test releases. The latest announcement is that official fourth installment is in the making, that its name will be Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass and that the gameplay will be “on a brutally bigger scale, and not a single desert level”.

    The official reveal is scheduled for E3 2018 but until then we can all enjoy the released trailer in which Sam gallantly rides his motorcycle trough picturesque forest, only to encounter and blow up a screaming Beheaded Kamikaze and then ride into a horde of incoming enemies.

    Check out the trailer underneath, and let us know what you think in the comments section.



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