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    Salt And Sanctuary Comes To Switch TODAY! Special Edition Physical Version In October

    Salt and Sanctuary, Ska Studios' brilliantly dark and brutal, stylized hand-drawn 2D platformer released today for the Nintendo Switch. A physical special edition from Leadman Games, titled Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome Edition, is set to release exclusively to retailers later this year. The current version is available for digital download for $17.99.

    “Together, we’ve crafted a dark world that both tests and rewards those daring enough to enter,” said Michelle and James Silva, co-creators at Ska Studios. “Welcome, Switch adventurers, to our ghoulish island, where mystery and death loom.” Michelle and James are a husband and wife team who beginning creating games as a hobby, which later became a business. Their mission is to focus on making great games, rather than profit. Ska Studios has grown into an award-winning indie studio known for stylistic, visceral, and brutally executed action titles like The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, and Charlie Murder.


    About Salt and Sanctuary:

    "After a confrontation with an eldritch beast from the dark depths of the sea slaughters a pirate crew, a lone survivor washes ashore. An old man proffers ominous riddles to this person, calling them the Saltborn. Seeking answers, the Saltborn arms themselves and sets out across an island haunted by all manner of undead monstrosities.

    Create a character, customizing everything from physical appearance to weapon choice, and explore this forgotten land either alone or with another Saltborn via local co-op. Make a character build ranging from a measured, patient swordswoman who cuts only at opportune times to a wicked spellcaster that manipulates the elements to their advantage. Sixteen weapon types, more than fifty sets of armor that offer stats, abilities, and change appearance, and a massive skill tree offer the chance to survive Salt and Sanctuary in near-infinite ways.

    The cruel, aberrant creatures that prowl these cursed lands stop at nothing to purge the Saltborn from their territories. Over twenty brutal bosses, from the jawless Queen of Smiles to the dreaded Witch of the Lake, eviscerate interlopers on sight. Cautious adventurers can best these challenges in tough-but-fair combat however they wish. Dodge, block, cleave, and scorch adversaries in hopes of revealing the horrifying secrets of the island and its drowned denizens.

    Even after discovering the truth, sinister tribulations provide reasons to play Salt and Sanctuary multiple times. Difficult New Game+ and Challenge Modes including permadeath mean that masochists always have a thrilling trial ahead.”


    Salt And Sanctuary is not only a visual achievement but a unique blend of 2D platform and classic RPG mechanics. A game with this type of aesthetic runs the risk of becoming cartoonish and losing its edge, but with the graphics are far from realistic, the overall tone never strays from its dark and bloody intentions. It's surprisingly deep, with tons of customization options, fully-developed worlds, and a perfectly executed combat system. 

    Salt and Sanctuary: Drowned Tome Edition will be available at retail stores on October 30 for $29.99 and is available for pre-order at select retailers today. The Drowned Tome edition will include:

    • Salt and Sanctuary for Nintendo Switch on a physical cartridge
    • Download code for the original soundtrack on Bandcamp
    • 2-sided poster, including hand-drawn map of the world of Salt and Sanctuary
    • 20-page manual

    Watch the trailer for the current Salt and Sanctuary below:


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