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    RPGolf Is Inspired By Mario Golf And Classic JRPGS – This Mobile Hit Is Now On Steam!

    "I’m Shintaro Kanaoya, chief important person at Chorus Worldwide, and I hope you enjoy RPGolf as much as I do. Because nothing says golf like clubbing monsters into oblivion.”

    Chorus Worldwide has announced the RPGolf, previously only available for mobile, has just been released on Steam.

    I have a confession to make — I am obsessed with golf games. It really doesn't matter which game it is, I will play nearly any golf game until my eyes are crossed, my fingers are blistered, and I have mastered it completely. If it's a multiplayer game, I will lose friends and relationships when no one wants to play with me. For many years, I had a borderline unhealthy addiction to Tiger Woods Golf. Mario Golf, one of the games that inspired RPGolf, is still one of my all-time favorite games. When the Nintendo Switch came out, everyone was enamored with Breath of the Wild, but all I wanted to play was the surprise indie hit, Golf Story, which also happens to be a "golf RPG", but RPGolf takes the idea to another level.

    "As a brave young golfer armed only with a club and your skills, you must tee off and complete the nine legendary holes, all while slicing, hooking, and clubbing monsters to death. Swing your club and show off your drive in dungeons - connecting with a monster’s head instead of a ball, naturally - and hop into a golf cart to cut across a green. Battling creatures is just par for the course when you’re an eagle-eyed JRPG golfing pro. Of course, you’ll need a bit of FORE-ward thinking if you’re to conquer these challenges.

    Battling bogeys will level you up, improving your strength and allowing you to hit the ball further. Outside of stats, equipment also plays a role: discover legendary clubs and gloves to improve your handicap on each course and give you the edge in battle."


    RPGolf take place in a world where people love golf, in fact, they're obsessed, something I can relate to. The citizens play constantly and turned their kingdom into the most beautiful course in the world. Everything was peaceful — until the monsters came. Sadly, no one could play golf anymore. 

    A hero came to the land with the skills to save the golf kingdom. She must play the legendary holes, defeat the monsters, and restore happiness to the people and their land.

    Players will have to use golf mechanics and skills, as well as retro RPG combat ability to master this 8-bit genre mashup that includes nine holes of golf on a vast, open-world map, dangerous dungeons filled with hidden treasure, and exciting boss fights. Intuitive controls make this game an addictive joy to play and the characters are charming in that recognizable JRPG kind of way.

    I have absolutely no interest in playing actual golf, a game that requires practice, skill, and even a certain amount of athleticism and body awareness. But, RPGolf is going to the top of the list of golf games that I'm obsessed with. 

    RPGolf is available on mobile and as of yesterday, Steam ($3.99).

    Watch the *brand new* trailer:


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