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    Play With Me – A New Adventure Inspired By The Saw Horror Franchise

    Indie game developer AIREM and IQ Publishing have teamed up for the nightmarish Play With Me. Despite the friendly name that brings about thoughts of childhood toys and careless, youthful fun, this game is anything but. It's a point-and-click adventure, filled with horror elements and inspired by the Saw franchise. There's even a creepy clown that just might bring back memories (and nightmares) of Billy the Puppet.

    Currently, Play With Me is available on Steam for PC, but versions are in the works for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even mobile. 

    The game's protagonist is Robert Hawk, who has mysteriously disappeared, along with his wife, Sara. Their abandoned vehicle has been located, but there are few clues to tip off investigators to what happened and where they have ended up. However, Robert's career as an investigative journalist may be the only thing they have to go on. Along with his partner, Private Investigator Patrick Clark, Robert had been researching and writing a series of articles about a serial killer named "Illusion". He may have gotten just a little bit too close and now he knows too much... and he's become a victim, too.


    "Illusion" isn't content to simply murder his victims, but prefers to torture them in the process. Trapped in his game, you must guide Robert through a series of challenging puzzles and negotiate the human element of the story. Finding unique ways to use and manipulate objects is key, but so is forming human relationships that could be advantageous. Eventually, you will have to explore your own morality when you are forced to make life or death choices. Play as a cold-hearted survivor and sacrifice others to save yourself, or form bonds and try to help your fellow captives survive.

    Play With Me is a story-rich adventure with unique, randomized puzzles and a variety of outcomes based on your choices throughout the game. Even though your life is at stake, you're going to have to keep your wits about you to find a way out of the trap. To keep things interesting, there are plenty of non-traditional ways to manipulate items in-game.

    From the developer:

    "Get to a higher level of immersion and use real objects to outsmart the harasser. Blow into the microphone to blow out the candles, make a hand gesture to light the match, shake the box (what may be inside?), open the jar (watch out because the eyeballs may fall out!) or attack someone with a hammer! I hope you have a mirror within your reach… And that is only the beginning of the surprises!"


    Players report that the puzzles are fairly difficult, and being successful requires some creative thinking. Rather than using traditional video game puzzle mechanics, Play With Me draws from the popularity of escape rooms and requires you to use everything at your disposal, not just the obvious items. Everything from the people you are trapped with to the literal "writing on the wall" has the potential to get you one step closer to safety.

    Not just a single playthrough game, Play With Me has multiple endings and game modes, plus mini-games. It's a terror-filled adventure for fans of story-based puzzle games with traditional horror elements and plenty of references to one of the best horror franchises of all time.

    Watch the *new* Play With Me trailer below:






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