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    Play As A Deep Space Salvage Hunter In Xenosis: Alien Infection — Greenlit For An Early 2019 Release

    It's official — as of May 25th, Xenosis: Alien Infection is fully funded on Fig , the community publishing platform responsible for such games as Phoenix Point, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, and Wasteland 3. The original goal for the game was $25,000 and at the time this article was published, more than $29,000 had been raised. If you're interested in becoming a backer for the game, there is still time. Funding will continue until June 21st.

    Becoming an early backer of the game offers a lot of bonuses, beyond just a copy of the game. For as little as $35, backers receive a Steam key for the game, soundtrack, storybook, exclusive in-game items, beta access and more. If you're willing to spend a little more, there is alpha access and even the opportunity to become a boss in the game.

    The upcoming release promises a sci-fi adventure and survival game with a retro feel highlighted by modern game design elements. 2D pixel graphics are accented with 3D lighting, dynamic shadows, and 3D positional audio. Inspired by games and movies like Alien Breed, System Shock, Aliens, Dead Space, and Event Horizon, Alien Infection focuses on a single-player, immersive story experience.


    From NerdRage Studios:

    "You are a deep space salvage hunter in Xenosis: Alien Infection who discovers the remains of the Carpathian, an apparently abandoned interstellar Starship built to terraform mineral-rich planets on the edge of the known solar system that vanished over 50 years ago. Taking place on the Carpathian, you must retrieve the valuable data core. Life support systems are down and there are traces of an unidentified toxin. As you explore, you begin to learn what happened to its crew and must prevent it from happening to you.

    As players explore the Carpathian’s multiple themed, hand-crafted decks, each with areas to investigate and secrets to discover, the game’s main storyline unfolds, but players have the ability to follow side stories and lore as well.  Xenosis: Alien Infection offers five core gameplay pillars: Combat/AI, Survival, Crafting, Lighting/Stealth, and Immersion."


    Trapped on the ship it's up to you, playing as the protagonist, to unlock the secrets of the Carpathian. Your original goal is to make money in your salvage business. If you can get a hold of the lost ship's data core, you'll be set for life. But, it's not going to be that simple. Not long after you board, an alarm sounds, signaling that you're not alone. This is only the beginning of a creepy storyline, with subplots and unexpected twists and turns.

    Resource management will be necessary in order to survive — oxygen is in short supply, there are dangerous toxins present, and a suit without rips or tears is the only thing between you and the extreme temperatures and radiation. Crafting supplies, weapons, and upgrades is an integral part of survival.

    You'll need those weapons for the intense combat situations against your AI enemies, or avoid them altogether with a stealth approach, utilizing the game's light and shadow system. Explore the ship, solve the mystery, and survive the exciting space adventure of Xenosis: Alien Infection.

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