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    Is Splinter Cell Franchise Making a Return? The Upcoming E3 Might Provide the Answer

    As the E3 2018 rapidly approaches, gamers around the globe are getting excited, and it’s not just because of the mandatory cringey conferences which became rather prominent in the recent E3s, but also because many new titles and continuation of old franchises are expected to be announced. And while games such as Serious Sam 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are sure to get their gameplay revealed, there are a number of titles which are rumored to be in development or which will have their final release date officially announced during the conference.

    I am personally most eager to discover as to whether the famous Splinter Cell franchise will be making a return to the gaming market, as I have been an avid follower of the series ever since the original 2002 release. Although at the time of the first release I was a young teen in a third world country, with limited knowledge of English and American politics, which meant that I had no idea what was happening in the game’s storyline, I was fascinated by how cool Sam Fisher and all his gadgets were (especially the sticky shocker).

    For the next 10 years, Ubisoft kept releasing new Splinter Cell sequels, each time introducing new mechanics and gadgets to the series, which along with excellent writing and worldbuilding managed to significantly expand the game’s universe and deepen the plot (which I finally began to understand as my English somewhat improved). The multiplayer and the coop modes which came with the Chaos Theory were unique and unlike anything released to date, and they’ve earned the sequel a critical appraisal which propelled the entire series to one of the best stealth game franchises ever.


    No other game lets you team up with a friend and take out bad guys as a modern ninja armed with high tech gear.

    Then in 2013, Ubisoft just stopped working on new Splinter Cell sequels despite the series’ success and high Metacritic scores which ranged from 80 all the way to 93 for the PC versions. This made the series go into weird hiatus with Ubisoft shifting focus on other Tom Clancy series such as the Rainbow Six and the Ghost Recon and only seldomly releasing statements claiming that the Splinter Cell franchise is not forgotten.

    Due to this, it came as everyone’s surprise when last month Ubisoft announced a new Ghost Recon Special Operations update which featured the iconic voice of Michael Ironside, the original Sam Fisher voice actor who has been in every sequel except the last one, The Essentials, after which the hiatus happened. The badass trailer featured Sam Fisher getting ready for a deployment in Bolivia and asking for some extra firepower in the form of ''his friends’’ the Ghosts. Along with the subsequent update came the mission in which the Ghosts rendezvous with Sam Fisher in an enemy compound, following which they have protect and escort him out of the hostile zone. A week after the update released, Michael Ironside gave an interview for GameTrailers saying that he never left the series and that he is Sam Fisher, strongly suggesting that there will be more of him in the future and that he is not giving up his Sam Fisher role to someone else again.


    Sam Fisher's appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands came as a surprise and lit up hopes that a new game is in development.

    Now if this is true, there really couldn’t be a better time for a new Splinter Cell game to happen. Considering that Metal Gear, the only other stealth franchise on par with Splinter Cell, has grown into an abomination called Metal Gear: Survive, there really aren’t any stealth franchises left in the gaming world. Even the aforementioned mission in Ghost Recon touched on this issue just prior to the conclusion, when Sam discovers that the ''army infiltration guy with a bandana’’ (aka Snake) has retired, leaving him as the only remaining stealth operative in the world. Besides, I highly doubt that Michael Ironside will be going around giving interviews, citing he is Sam Fisher if he was to come back just for a short trailer, and a mission where he speaks less than hundred lines.

    Having all this in mind, I am fairly confident that a new Splinter Cell game is in the making and will be announced at the upcoming E3. Although this would mean that we’d have to wait for another year or two for the final release, new game technologies which were developed since the last Splinter Cell iteration in 2013, give Ubisoft a chance to completely restart the entire franchise by giving Sam new abilities and gadgets there by breathing in new life and securing the series future as the only stealth game available on the market.


    It's only you left Sam and that's why you can never go away from us. :')

    Edited by EchelonBrk

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    User Feedback

    This would be so awesome for the gaming community, everyone loved Splinter Cell and I believe if they made a newer one, gamers from then and now will come to enjoy it. Oh and did I mention that I just really love Splinter Cell? ?

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    10 hours ago, Tris said:

    This would be so awesome for the gaming community, everyone loved Splinter Cell and I believe if they made a newer one, gamers from then and now will come to enjoy it. Oh and did I mention that I just really love Splinter Cell? ?

    I totally agree, older Splinter Cell titles were exceptional games! I still remember playing the 2002 Splinter Cell's NSA infiltration level, it was so tense trying to sneak around and evade using force!

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