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    Is It a Chair? Is It an Audio System? How About Both? - Check out GameNader’s First Product Review – X Rocker Pro 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

    When setting up a work or gaming station, people quite often overlook the importance of having a comfortable chair. While most of us worry about having a good enough graphic card that can run the most demanding games or enough RAM to have dozens of open programs, not much concern is given to proper posture while sitting at your desk, often for hours at a time. While lack of RAM can slow your multitasking, having a bad chair can cause physical ailments such as muscle cramps, back pain and neck strain, and those can ruin your work and game time entirely. So, unless you want to look like the hunchback of Notre Dame in a few years, it should be equally important to pick a comfortable chair when building your station, and if that chair manages to enhance your gaming by having built in-speakers and vibration feedback, you know you made the right choice.

    That is why, we present to you X Rocker Pro 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair that we had the pleasure of testing out at our GameNader offices for the past week.

    The reason why we picked Pro is because of its pretty looks, mid-range pricing, as well as because we wanted a modular chair that has some unique features not encountered elsewhere.

    Starting with the looks, Pro is a chair to behold. The design is very modern, with the black vinyl surface making it look very upscale and high tech. As such, it can equally blend in both a modern office as well as in your room. The gunstock armrests fit in nicely with the rest of the design and are made of a soft, rubbery material meaning they are not hard on your forearms and elbows, allowing for a longer exposure without causing skin irritation and redness. Pro also has an elevated head rest and lumbar support which make the chair very ergonomic, so sitting in it for longer periods of time is not an issue. A nice touch, not seen in many other chairs, is the thigh support, which lifts the user’s legs by just couple of inches making the sitting in the chair feel like being in a nice and comfy big-man cradle.


    X Rocker Pro Angle and Side View

    Unlike some other X Rocker chairs, Pro comes with a round pedestal that is adjustable in height. The pedestal feels very sturdy and keeps the chair steady on the ground. This means that larger users will have no problem using the chair, as the risk of flipping over or breaking seems very low. If you don’t like the pedestal you can always take it off, as the hard-shell bottom allows Pro to also be used as a classic rocker. Removing the pedestal significantly lowers the height which can be useful when playing games on your TV, as most TV stands are usually much shorter than a classic computer workstation. If using the chair as a rocker, users should be careful not to swing back and forth too much, as Pro is not as stable and can easily flip over if enough pressure is exerted.

    The audio panel is conveniently located on the right side of the chair, right underneath the armrest. It features an A/C adapter plug, headphone and MP3 jack, along with the knobs for adjusting the volume, vibration and bass, as well as a switchable button for selecting different wireless bands. Although controls are easy to reach, it might take some time to learn to operate them blindly, as it is impossible to see them without leaning over. This is true of all the knobs and plugs, except for the main volume button which is the largest of all, thus easily recognizable, and is encircled by a bright power indicator light that looks rather cool in the dark.


    Side view of the hard-shell bottom that allows the chair to be used as a rocker and the Audio Panel 

    Pro also features a 2.1 audio layout, meaning that is has two built-in speakers and a single subwoofer. The two speakers are located on each side close to the headrest, while the subwoofer is on the back. This kind of layout makes the sounds very immersive, giving you a feeling of being in the middle of the action, besides, the subwoofer in the back also enhances the vibration module in the lumbar area, making the vibrations even stronger. The effect is very noticeable when playing shooters - we tested it on Battlefield 4 and we were BLOWN AWAY! The vibration felt with every hit combined with the surround sound effect of explosions and helicopter rotor blades buzzing above made this an incredible gaming experience! It is also possible to pair multiple chairs together allowing for simultaneous audio transmission, which can make watching a movie with friends a true cinema experience, but unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to test this out, as we only have one chair.

    Wireless pairing is relatively easy trough Bluetooth and the connection is very stable. During our testing we experienced no significant delays nor any breaks, as was the case when connecting trough cables. In terms of power up, Pro can be powered by 4 AAA batteries or by the Power Adapter which is included in the package. Although having a cable stick out the side of your chair might look ugly, we still recommend using it, as batteries last for 15 hours and it can get pretty expensive going through four of them every day.


    X Rocker Pro features a subwoofer in the back that enhances the chair's vibration.

    X Rocker Pro is a very heavy chair but it is foldable in half allowing for easy storage. It does come disassembled but putting it together is not very hard, as the instructions are clear and you get an Allen wrench in the package, which is all you really need when it comes to tools. Cleaning the chair is not an issue either and vacuuming is just enough, as there is no webbing where dust or food crumbles can get stuck.

    In general, we had the X Rocker Pro for a week and we are liking it so far. It is very good looking and comfortable, with the built-in 2.1 audio being a unique feature not seen on similarly priced chairs. The sound and bass are amazing and really add to the immersion when playing games or watching a video, so this is a definite high point. The vibration module is also fun, although we noticed that it can sometimes nag your back if the lumbar cushion moves or you take a weird sitting position. This might be a problem for larger users as they apply more pressure to the back when seating. The audio panel is also easy to reach, and we found the pairing to be pretty straightforward with most of the modern devices. We also think that using the chair with the pedestal is the way to go, as it is definitely more stable than the rocker, although we would advise that you place something underneath to prevent it from scratching the floor.

    Overall, the X Rocker Pro currently costs 169.00 USD at Amazon, and we recommend that you definitely take it into consideration if planning to make a chair purchase in the near future, as for that price, there is no gaming chair that can offer more features while at the same time being exceptionally good-looking and comfortable.

    What we liked:                                                                                                                         What we didn't like:

    - The design                                                                                                                              - The power cable sticking out of the side 

    - The comfort                                                                                                                           - The vibration module which can nag your back

    - The 2.1 Audio

    - The price


    Edited by EchelonBrk

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    User Feedback

    That's one funky looking chair.

    2.1 Audio only is a bit of a killer for such a high priced pieced of equipment. But thats still pretty cool, Unnecessary but cool.

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