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    HOLY POTATOES! A WEAPON SHOP?! Available For Switch And PS4

    Have you ever played a questing hero in a game, stopped through a weapons shop or blacksmith on your way to slay some dragons or other enemies and wondered what it would be like to play as the blacksmith? I know, me neither. But someone has, and Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! is a way to live out that dream in an entertaining and quirky game.

    A wacky game with a wacky name, Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! has been available on Steam for a couple years, but has just recently made its way onto the Nintendo Switch and PS4 consoles as a digital download. If you're a fan of management sims and already have your favorites, A Weapon Shop is still a great addition to your library. Games like this tend to be time sucks, where all of a sudden you've put 100 hours into a game you're not even sure you like it yet, so they have to provide something appealing to keep players coming back. Something must be going right for this particular game to have expanded its reach beyond the PC market.

    Perhaps it's the quirky characters, the entertaining storyline, or the award-winning soundtrack. Or, the fact that you can adopt your very own potato dog. Whatever the reason, players will enjoy the relatively simple mechanics and gameplay — this isn't a management sim that gets overwhelmingly difficult and tedious as time goes by. Develop an individual system for your shop and keep forging weapons for the questing heroes.


    From Rising Star Games:

    "Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! is a management and simulation game where players own and manage their very own weapon shop, and work toward expanding their business throughout the entire potato universe."


    • Bonus Adventure: Includes the bonus adventure Spud Tales: Journey To Olympus
    • Manage Your Shop: Dive into a hilarious potato world and take control of your own weapon shop, employing over 30 smiths to cook up the best weapons you can
    • Weapons: Craft hundreds of unique weapons, training up your smiths to make better swords, axes, and bows that'll bring in bigger wedges of cash
    • Weapon-Smithing: Explore the world for materials, relics, and enchantments, then use them to research and build valuable weapon types
    • Icons: Meet over 20 spudified versions of legendary pop-culture icons!
    • Soundtrack: Features music by Kimura Masahiko, the legendary composer behind the scores for the Genso Suikoden and Castlevania series


    Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop is the first in the charming and amusing Holy Potatoes! series of games that also includes Holy Potatoes! What The Hell?! and Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?!. A hell-themed cooking management sim and a space exploration and management sim respectively, the Holy Potatoes! games make management sims fun with delightful colorful, cartoony characters and delightful storylines. Determined not to take themselves too seriously, they are just challenging enough, without the frustration that comes along with more difficult or realistic sims.

    Watch the Holy Potatoes?! A Weapon Shop?! Trailer:


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