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    Hatch Is The Cloud Gaming Service Might Change Mobile Gaming Forever

    For months now, a quiet revolution has been starting in the mobile gaming industry. Mobile gaming has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. We went from playing games that were merely touch-screen novelties like Fruit Ninja, moved on to addictive match-three games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled, and finally, we have recently been able to play mobile ports of full games that are actually very good. Fortnite Battle Royale is an example of a large-scale game going mobile and the mobile version of Final Fantasy XV is absolutely brilliant. Mobile gaming opens up the world of gaming to consumers who often wouldn't even consider themselves a traditional "gamer".

    With bigger, better games being released on mobile, the landscape is changing. Developers are introducing full console and PC games as mobile ports. These games are usually purchased individually and they often take up a lot of space on a device and the prices of these types of games can vary widely. A new gaming service, Hatch , is hoping to streamline the mobile gaming experience for its users through cloud gaming. Their goal is to make streaming games on your mobile device just as seamless as streaming movies or television.


    Hatch is currently in beta, but is quickly growing as more developers recognize a space in the market for mobile cloud gaming. Hatch boasts no in-app purchases on their games and a download free way to play. They are also experimenting with some unique social features. Hatch will record your gameplay so that you can save and share clips. In addition, you can invite friends into your games and share the controls to play games together. 

    As of now, more than 100 developers and publishers have signed up for the cloud gaming platform and more are coming, including notable publishers like SEGA and Noodlecake Studios. They are new additions to the ever-growing roster of major names like Bandai Namco (PAC-MAN CE DX), Square Enix (Hitman Sniper), and Ubisoft (Rayman Fiesta Run), and popular indies like ustwo Games (Monument Valley), Frogmind (Badland), and Headup Games (the Bridge Constructor franchise). Noodlecake Studios has recently added Chameleon Run, an infinite runner, to the Hatch library and is promising to add some of their most popular games like Death Road To Canada, Lumino City, Island Delta, Wayward Souls, Framed, and Framed 2 very soon.

    “We are super excited to support publishers like Noodlecake, who are showing the world just how delightful and different mobile gaming experiences can be,” says Hatch co-founder and Head of Content Vesa Jutila. “Free-to-play games obviously have a place in the market, but their dominance means that mass consumers have been missing out on other types of games that are not designed around in-app purchasing. With instant play via our unique streaming tech and monetization via advertising or subscription, Hatch sees an opportunity to grow the mobile games market and offer consumers a painless, low-risk way to discover and play great games they never knew existed or were even possible on mobile.”


    There is a lot of excitement surrounding the addition of some of SEGA's most popular mobile games. Sonic Jump, Sonic 4 Episode 2, Sonic CD, Crazy Taxi, and Virtual Tennis are all coming to Hatch in the near future. 

    “We are excited to be part of Hatch’s pioneering effort to deliver entertainment in a new and frictionless way,” says Naoki Kameda, COO, SEGA Networks. “With Hatch, we see an excellent opportunity to allow players to engage with five of our classic games in a new way.”

    With improvements in mobile technology, it makes sense that mobile gaming is taking this step towards the future. It remains to be seen if players will see the benefits of cloud gaming services and change the way they purchase and play their games.

    What do you think about mobile cloud gaming? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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